Food Critic

Holly is fresh out of collage with a masters degree in culinary arts.

Harry is a boy with a crap chef.

Holly needs a job.

Harry needs a better chef.

One add. One friend. One phone call. And one trial dinner later we ladies and gentlemen have a food critic.


5. Recap;Bills

~~~Harry's POV~

Well after driving Holly to the hospital and getting Mark arrested. I went to talk to Holly to see what the hell happened.

~Holly's POV~

"So what happened exactly?" harry asked. I looked at my bandaged arm and sighed.

"I walked into the huse to make you some breakfast and I smelled something weird. So I walk into the kitchen and theres Mike at the oven and the place is a mess. I startled him and he dropped whatever he had. He called me your "shag of the night" and then he called me a whore. so when I told him I was your head chef he picked up his knife and threw it at me." I explained.

"I am so sorry Holly I did forget to let him go, and I feel terrible. How can I make this up to you? Please ill do anything its the least I can do." he spoke.

I thought for a minute. I could get a lot out of this but I just decided to do whats best.

"Well you can pay these hospital bills."



Sorry for the short update!!!

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