No One / harry styles

"No .. No Bella fuck I'm sorry I didn't mean for you to cry fuck! I'm not even like this," she's still crying. " I'm just sorry okay." "Harry you don't know what I've been through I've been in hell for the last couple of years!" She cries into tears fuck more tears. I decide to hug her, fuck Ima brake my promise. I hug her and tightly I stroke her hair. "Your right I don't know what you've been through.. But at the same time you don't know what I've been through." I whisper. || No One || by- Harrys_tumblr


1. No One 01

"Bella" My dad sounds mad.

"Yes?" I answer with out caring.

"You left the house.. when I told you not to."

"And?" I smirk.

"You disobeyed me bella, and do you know what happens when you disobey me?" My dad says.

Yes I do know what's going to happen, I do. My dad hits me but like if I cared? - I don't.

It hurts but I don't care. My dad hasn't been the same since my Mom died. Everything changed.

"Daddy, please don't, I promise it wont happen again" I whimper.

He unbuckles his belt and starts hitting me, hard.

I scream with fear, my silence is my pain.

"Daddy, please" I tear.

He isn't stopping he threw me to the ground, kicked me. Said I was worthless im not worth for anyone.

"Hopefully, you learned your damn lesson. " My father says with hatred in his voice.

Alone, here in the floor, crying, bleeding, screaming inside for help. No one listens when you have no one. And even if you do they wouldn't care in reality no one does.

I get up, limp to my room. I walk up the stair, it hurts.

Once im in my room I head to my dresser & open the princess box. The blade is there.

I pull up my sleeve, and cut. This is my only escape that I have, the only way to know if im still alive.

No one knows I do this. No one can know about this. Cutting is all I have. The blade is the only friend I have, the only friend that knows me well ; That knows my pain.

If my father ever found out I did this he would kill me. He would say I do this for attention. He wouldn't understand. No one would anyway.

At this point I have no one.

I can't trust, love, and I cant feel anymore.

I hide everything that I feel because not everyone needs to know what's happening.

Because you can't ALWAYS be happy. You cant always solve problems by yourself. Sometimes you just can't hide things.

That was my brain basically speaking to me.

I have to get out of here I can't stand it here anymore im tired of getting hurt. My dad doesn't want me anyway so what's the point of him caring anyway. I have to leave.

I don't have relatives or close friends.

This is going to be hard. I grab my sweater and it is a little big, maybe to big but I like it that way. Just to hide myself from the world.

I head downstairs and make sure my dad isn't there. Okay, great his in his room watching tv. I sneak to the door and get out. Am I finally free? -am I ready to do this I ask myself.

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