Angel Of The Wolves

Isabella Stevens is an Angel. I can't get more basic than that. She has wings, she is musical, she is beautiful, and she lives in heaven. Well more like, lived in heaven. She broke one itsy bitsy little rule and is put on probation. She has to live with Wolves. You heard right wolves, werewolves to be exact.

She still gets all her special angel powers, but she also has werewolf powers. She can shift, she can....well pretty much everything else she already has so it's basically just shifting. She happens to meet someone there she did NOT want to meet. She didn't even think it was possible for this to happen. She just hopes God takes her back soon.


2. New York New York


New York City is large, overly crowded, and super busy. I was supposed to land in Washington but Michael claimed they had a little mishap in the departure room. Now I have to find a quiet, secluded place in this large city so I can flash next to their territory. I'm supposed to drive into their territory because they needed to catch my scent.

After an hour of searching for a secluded spot I found one. An abandoned subway a few blocks from 28th street. I looked around for a moment before disintegrating and reappearing in Fairfield, Washington. Fairfield was a small town with only 615 people in it. There was an only wolf high school, made up of 120 students. The rest were small children, adults, and elders. The Alpha was James Jonathan Bedford, the Luna was Kelly Rebecca Bedford, and their son was Damon Christopher Bedford. Damon went to the all-wolf high school, I would soon be attending and his Beta, Tyler would be showing me around all week. You know, just until I'm used by everyone and everything. I decided to test out my "wolf" and get used to shifting and all that. They believe I'm a new shifter. It works, since I look like I'm 16. I go behind a tree and strip off my clothes. I painfully shift and after what seems like forever, I stand tall and strong. I shifted back and practiced shifting for a while.  


Once I got the hang of the shifting thing I trotted to a creek near by my wolf form. I looked at my wolf's reflection in the water. My wolf was pure white and my eyes were still hazel. I studied myself for a minute before taking a drink and walking back to my clothes. I put my clothes in my mouth and readied myself. Then...I took off. It felt just like flying and trust me, I know how that feels. I ran and ran; I felt at peace and almost forgot about my problems and where I was at the moment. That was until I heard a growl. I halted and looked around. I'm pretty sure the fear showed in my eyes. A group of wolves came out of the trees. They growled and advanced towards me. I whimpered slightly and lay down, placing my head down on top of my paws. They stopped moving. "Who are you?" A voice in my head asked. I wasn't familiar with this. Usually when angels communicate through the mind a flash appears and blinds you for a moment in time; until you can see what the other person wants you to. I answered hesitantly. "I-Isabella Ryder." I looked up for a moment and saw a look of recognition in the wolf's eyes. "Stand Now.” The wolf ordered. I could tell he wasn't an alpha, but he was defiantly important. I stood and followed the wolf. The others formed a circle around me as we walked, as if I was going to attack at any time.

We reached the pack house a few moments later. "Go and shift." The wolf ordered. I went behind a tree quickly throwing on my jeans, sweater, and boots. When I came back a boy stood there. He looked about 17 or 18 and was very...muscular. He had the whole package, almost. 4-pack, check. Brown hair, check. Brown eyes check. He had the whole boy-next-door-that-happens-to-be-on-the-football-team look. It was kind of hot. I bit my lip and tried to direct my eyes to his face. "If you're done eye-raping me now we can get started and get you unpacked." I finally reached his eyes as he spoke. A smirk played on his lips and a wink was sent my way. I blushed and nodded at his words. "Umm alright-y then. You lead the way." I knew Michael had gone ahead and shipped my stuff her, but I was a bit worried on the clothing choice. The boy led me to my room. The door was white and had the number 15 on it. "The pack house has a lot of guest and we need to keep track of them all. Therefore, number for each room." He answered my unasked question. I nodded and smiled at him. The room was large and had a gold and white theme, which was pretty ironic if you ask me. The bed was a king sized and a white couch was on the other side of the room. A glass coffee table with golden edges sat in front of the couch and a flat screen television hung on the wall facing the couch. I walked around taking in the interior. I walked towards a connecting door and found a walk in closet. My clothes were already hung up and put away inside. I felt the boy's presence next to me. "Some of the omegas took the time to hang up your clothes. I hope you like the room. I picked it out personally." he seemed nervous and rubbed the back of his neck. I smiled at him and answered confidentially, "I love it. Thank you..." I paused politely. I seriously wanted to know this guy's name now. "Oh yeah! I'm Tyler." he smiled at me warmly. I returned it, again smiling. So this was the guy showing me around. "Umm I guess you should get some sleep now. Night Isabella." he said about to leave the room. I stopped him by wrapping my arms around him in a tight hug. "Thank you again, Tyler. Thank you so much." I gushed. Tyler was hesitant, but wrapped his arms around me. "No problem. Good night." I mumbled a 'good night' and unraveled my arms from him.

After Tyler left I lied in bed for a while staring up at the ceiling. I thought of everything, everyone. I can't believe I’m actually here. I'm here in werewolf territory as a wolf. This is it. I might be here forever. With that thought in my mind I drifted into a dark, dreamless sleep.



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