Angel Of The Wolves

Isabella Stevens is an Angel. I can't get more basic than that. She has wings, she is musical, she is beautiful, and she lives in heaven. Well more like, lived in heaven. She broke one itsy bitsy little rule and is put on probation. She has to live with Wolves. You heard right wolves, werewolves to be exact.

She still gets all her special angel powers, but she also has werewolf powers. She can shift, she can....well pretty much everything else she already has so it's basically just shifting. She happens to meet someone there she did NOT want to meet. She didn't even think it was possible for this to happen. She just hopes God takes her back soon.


4. Meet The Characters

(Played By Sean O'Donnell 

Tyler Bentley- 18, Beta of the Darken Moon Pack, extremely friendly, plays lots of sports, shown above. 

(Played By Chris Collins) 

Damon Bedford - 18, Soon to be Alpha of the Darken Moon Pack, possessive, playful and funny most times, enjoys the bachelor life, athletic, best friends are Tyler Bentley, Xavier Niles, Blake Chataway, and Niven Patton.

(Played By Andrea Russet) 

Isabella Taevas - "17", An angel temporarily removed from heaven, posing as a werewolf, possess all personality traits an angel has ie. Kindness, selfless, musical, beauty, helpful, smart, etc. (Last name secretly means Heaven in Estonian) 

(Played by Theo James) 

Angel Michael- Isabella's blood brother in heaven. Leads Gods army and is extremely strict and serious and structured, but has a soft spot for Izzy (Isabella). 

(Played By Carter Jenkins) 

Angel Gabriel- Isabella's blood brother in heaven. Very playful and fun and looks after Izzy. 

(Played by Kevin G. Schmidt) 

Angel Cassiel- Cassiel is funny and friendly. He loves Isabella but is scared to tell her how he feels because he knows it's not allowed to love another Angel in Heaven. 

(Played by Colton Haynes) 

Angel Rahael- Isabella's best guy friend and always sticks by her. He is loyal and strong. He also has the gift of empathy for anyone he meets. 

(Played by Merritt Patterson) 

Angel Mary- Isabella's sister and best companion. Isabella can talk to Mary about anything. Mary plays as almost a mother figure to all angels but knows that everyone bows down to god. 

(Played by Claire Holt) 

Kelly Bedford- Luna of the Darken Moon pack. Extremely kind and powerful. Knows how to keep her husband in check but has slight problems keeping her son under control. 

(Played by Grace Phipps) 

April Kings- Was at first an enemy to Isabella but soon becomes best friends with her. Has a slight crush on the Gamma of the pack, Xavier Niles. 

(Played by Channing Tatum) 

James Bedford- Father of Damon Bedford and husband of Kelly Bedford. He is Alpha of the Darken Moon pack and is weary to pass on his title to his son until he finds a mate. 


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