Angel Of The Wolves

Isabella Stevens is an Angel. I can't get more basic than that. She has wings, she is musical, she is beautiful, and she lives in heaven. Well more like, lived in heaven. She broke one itsy bitsy little rule and is put on probation. She has to live with Wolves. You heard right wolves, werewolves to be exact.

She still gets all her special angel powers, but she also has werewolf powers. She can shift, she can....well pretty much everything else she already has so it's basically just shifting. She happens to meet someone there she did NOT want to meet. She didn't even think it was possible for this to happen. She just hopes God takes her back soon.


5. Mate? SAY WHAT?!?!?

Isabella's POV---

A man, tall and muscular rammed down the door, letting it swing right off it's hinges. His canines were barred and his eyes black. His anger was obvious and I was confused as to why. I cocked my head to the side confused as Tyler literally jumped to the other side of the room, fear evident in his light caramel eyes. I was still trying to figure out why everyone was so tense when a marvelous aroma hit me. It smelled like honey and pine with just a hint of cocoa. It was by far the best stench that I had ever caught a whiff of. An inner being inside of me began to chant. It was softly at first, so soft that I couldn't make out the word it was repeating. Then I finally understood...Mate. 


"Damon. Buddy, calm down. Nothing was going on. Calm down." 

My moment of distraction ceased as Tyler's voice snapped me back into reality. I now eyed the overbearing figure just a mere 20 feet away. He was huffing and puffing as if trying to control himself and was making his way towards an innocent Tyler. Terror almost immediately shook my body. What if he hurt or even killed Tyler?!?! Within seconds I myself was huffing and puffing. My eyes were wide and I couldn't believe what was happening. I had no powers to stop anything and my heart beat was increasing at an abnormal rate. I brought my hand to my chest, willing it to calm down. This fright was imperious and I was in no state to restrict it.  

"DAMON! Stop! The girl is terrified for goodness sake!"  

At this my mate, Damon, looked up at me and instantaneously his eyes softened. His black eyes changed to a lovely greenish blue color and his canines descended. He walked over to me quietly and cautiously as if approaching a spooked horse. He sat down on the edge of the bed and moved his face closely to mine. He rested his forehead on mine and caressed my cheek with his hand. Sparks exploded through my body at his touch and I was grateful to say that his touch calmed me. My breathing slowed and the hand that was grasping my chest fell into my lap. I closed my eyes to better embrace the feeling but something inside willed me to open them as soon as they closed. I opened them again and stared into Damon's beautiful eyes. At that moment in time I realized who this boy was. This was my soon to be alpha and the son of Alpha John Bedford, the only man on the face of planet earth that knew of my heavenly ways. My 'mate' was the son of my alpha. 


Mate- The thing that a wolf breaths and lives for. A mate is part of soul-mate and mates are decided at birth by the moon goddess who then separates the souls for a limited amount of time. When a mate meets its other half it has been described as the world around one another stopping. Only werewolves can be mates with werewolves but on a few very rare occasions a wolf is paired with one of another species. It was never been told of a werewolf and angel pair. Only in legends and stories. Prophecies say that if an angel and werewolf ever mate that particular angel will be known as Angel of the Wolves. 

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