About hurt from a friendship or partner


1. Hurt


I was hurt when you left me,

Was this friendship just meant to test me?

I bowed down before you throne,

I walked you down on home,

Now you've left you've gone on away,

The mission you've come to do completed,

This vision that I've had of you now altered,

I was hurting, I am hurting you've walked away,

Stolen the sun out of my sunny day,

Been grey ever since you used me, as a friend you abused me,

You know how it felt cause all now your doing is repeating the hurt that was inflicted,

You've inflicted your anger onto me,

You've thrown away the key,

I am hurt of what you did to me,

How could you be so cold towards me?

Stranded on my door step,

Looking for you is loose ends,

The knot is never tied,

And I guess this is one of those times a halfhearted goodbye,

A apologise not meant, time not well spent, emotions bitter with the hurt you've inflicted.

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