hidden face

Hello, I will not tell you my name, or show you my face. I don't know you and you won't know me. Trusting is hard. I have had an easy life. Showing my face, just makes me nervous. The reason why I won't tell you my name, is because I don't know it myself.


1. Hidden Face Chapter one

~~Hidden Face chapter one~~
            Hello, most people introduce themselves, with a smile, and say “my name is…”
Honestly, I cannot do that. I was not given a name that I know of. Being an outsider my whole entire life, I never had many friends. At school, they would ask my name and I would respond, “I don’t know my name.”  The kids all laughed and made excruciating comments.  
 As I have gotten older I learn to deal with things like this. People still scream “loser” at me, but it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I’m now out of school. I didn’t learn shit. I’m just the shy outsider, with no friend, no family, and no house, or car. I have to steal food, and water or milk to get by. I have a blanket held up by some sticks, a place I now call home.  
           I’m often told “nobody will ever like you” but, honestly I had a friend once. I don’t remember her name but I remember what she looks like. She was stunning. She wore black combat boots, black skinny jeans, and a black crop top that says ‘if you want 
it come and get it’ She was, the girl you could talk to about anything. She wasn’t the person to hang around girls when I found that out I asked her if we could be friends. She said yes.  
            I remember that day like it was yesterday. I 
wore a nice shirt, with a blue vest and a red bowtie. My hair combed to one side. All of the things mentioned of course I stole from wealthy people, who wouldn’t even notice its gone. I also wore a pair of Nikes with a pair of shorts that had multiple pockets.
             Today I have nothing that nice, I can only dream of having that again. I also, have to kill animals, to cook and eat. I feel bad, but I had and have to survive.

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