The Zombie Uprising

This is a story about how a group of teenage friends fight to survive a zombie apocalypse. On there way they find a bit if romance and trouble they need to over come. I hope you like it ��


2. How we Meet

We have only been driving for 10 minutes and we have already seen about 30 zombies. We can see a group of them in the road, so we turn on to the back roads. It's all going smoothly until we see an even bigger group of zombies in the middle of the road. My small bag was in the car with me for the fact that I thought this would happen. I give Lizzie and Makaira a gun along with a few magazines(for people who don't know magazines are, there what holds the bullets).

"Remember aim for their head!" I screamed

"We all know!" Makaira shouted back at me obviously not amused. We start shooting while Tawny is trying her best to run over them we are running low on amo but we managed to take out quit a few of them. Tawny ran over lots as well; but there is a problem one of their arm is jamming the tires. The car won't move and they're getting closer. When all of a sudden we hear a LOUD gun shot and we are pulled out of the car. We find ourselves running. Fast. We are guided while we still hear gun shots ring out everywhere. We're now in a nice wooden cabin. I look around and see two young kids coloring.

"Who are you?" Tawny demands an answer

"I'm Jack." The boy is still holding my wrist, I pull away from his tight grip. I look at my wrists and I have red marks where his hand was.

"Ow." I say quietly

"Sorry... I-I didn't mean to hurt you.." Jack says while looking at the ground.

"It's ok, I guess." 

"Where are we? And why are we here?" Makaira questions

"Well we saw you out there shooting, it looked like you needed a little help."

"Yeah, thanks for that." Lizzie said kinda embarrassed

"Well I'm Sedona, this is Lizzie, makaira, and my sister Tawny." I gesture to them.

"This is Lily she's 7, and this is Joe he's 4." He points to the kids coloring at the small table. Some people walk in, the people who helped us back there by the car. 

"This is my friend Kevin, this is my mom Jenny, and my girlfriend Baylie." He points out who is who. We all exchange "hey's and sup's" 

"So I don't think you should go back out there. Do you want to join us?" Jack asks really seriously. I think we could trust them they have kids here and they saved us, What more do we need? We all exchange looks and Lizzie doesn't know what she wants to do. We go talk her into joining them.

"Ok we'll join you." Lizzie told Jack. You could see him smile.

"Ok then. Lizzie you come with me and my mom hunting, Tawny you go with Baylie to get water, Sedona you go with Kevin fishing, and Makaira you stay with the kids." Jack says while taking out his gun. I think he might me the leader around here, I don't know I go along with it. Me and Kevin go down to the lake with some fishing rods. The others leave to do there thing each having a weapon of choice. Mine was a knife. Me and Kevin are really quiet.

"So where are you from." Kevin asked finally

"I'm from a little town in Minnesota called Crosby. How bout you?"

"Oh I've always been here."

"Oh do you like it here?"

"Yeah, but it's nice if we could go somewhere new for a change."

"I know what you mean."

"So how old are you?"

"I'm 13. How about you?"

"I'm 14." The conversation died down quick but we had enough fish so we started heading back. The whole way there I was bragging about how I got more fish then him. He got four and I got six. We got back, Makaira and the kids were gone. The coloring books were still on the table along with a new one Makaira used. I looked in the kitchin, nothing. I saw a door, so I opened it.

"The kids don't like it down there. They wouldn't go down there." Kevin explained

"If it's creepy she would go down there." I joke

"Go ahead." I start walking down the old wooden steps in search for a light switch. I got to the bottom and couldn't see a thing. I found a switch and flipped it. A light flickered on, I had to admit it was pretty creepy down there but she want there. I came up.

"Shes not down there."

"I told ya." 

"Whatever, creepy is her thing." I start walking around the cabin with my knife in my hand. I see a door slightly open. I open it fully and see Makaira and the kids sleeping. I lightly kick her.

"What the fuck do you want!" She yells

"Not really the best time to go somewhere and sleep with out telling someone!"

"I can do what ever the fuck I want!"

"No you really cant! This is real you can just stop it when you feel like it!"

"Ugh! What the fuck ever!" She argues with me until we realize that it's stupid to argue about her sleeping so we Laugh it off and wait for the others to get back. Kevin, Makaira, the kids, and I sit in on the couch getting to know eachother.

"Sedona!" Tawny bursts in the room crying,

""What? What happened?" I frantically run to my sister she hugs me tight and shows me the bite on her shoulder

"How long have you had it?"

"20 minutes." She cries. I rip a strip of my shirt and tie it around her shoulder, she runs in the bathroom locking the door behind her.

"How long to you think she has?" Makaira asks misty eyed,

"I don't know." I plop down on the couch feeling numb, she was the only family I had there...

"It's ok we can cut off her arm, she might not be infected." Makaira tries with no success to cheer me up.

"It been 20 minutes! It's has to have spread by now!" I scream trying to block all of their voices out. I run to the bathroom and bang on the door,

"Tawny? Are you still there?" I ask with trying to talk smoothly(not how I really feel)

"I'm fine, I'm just going to turn in to a zombie, the usually." She jokes trying g to lighten the mood,

"Let me in."

"No! I haven't turned but I will soon." She explains that she's not feeling good. I run to Kevin and ask,

"Is there a way to get in the bathroom besides the door?"

"There's a window, but you have to climb the tree over there." He points out a large tree 

"I can climb it." I state proudly and run outside. Makaira and Kevin come with, and we can see Lizzie, jack, and Jenny coming back from hunting with some rabbits. I start climbing the tree I almost get to the window when I fall out of the tree. Someone catches me. 

"That was a close one." Jack smiles

"Thanks." I go back to climbing the tree and get there. I open the window,

"Tawny! How do you feel?" I ask while attempting to get comfortable on the tree limb,

"What do you think I turning into one to them!" She's pail and she looks weak. We  confess things we've done over the years 

"I love you!" I choke while crying 

"Do it. Now!" She means kill her, I don't want to 

"Makaira, the gun." I say quietly 

"Here." She gives it to me, I point it at Tawny 

"I can't do it!" I scream 

"Want help?" Makaira asks sympathetically, I nod slowly and she's in the tree in a flash. She looks Tawny in the eyes and says,

"I'm sorry Tawny."


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