A Malfoy and Weasley Together?! (Reader-Insert) love story

What if Draco Malfoy had a younger sister. And she had a crush on Fred Weasley. It would change everything.


9. Death Eaters

Before (Y/F/N) and her friends knew it, the year was over. The headed to the Great hall for the feast before their last of the year and frowned when they saw that Draco, Harry Potter and the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, were missing. Professor Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor, ushered every student out of the hall and to their dormitories. (Y/F/N) ducked into an empty classroom then when she heard silence left the classroom and walked towards the stone courtyard. She looked up and then whimpered when she saw a familiar mark in the sky.

"No" (Y/F/N) whimpered. She heard other people gasp and then she spotted a figure on the ground. She looked around and saw all of the other students out and in the courtyard, looking sadly at the dead body of Albus Dumbledore. (Y/F/N) looked around and then gasped when she saw a familiar head of platinum blonde hair leaving the bridge to the stone circle. She ran towards it, ignoring the other students and McGonagall's shouting. She got there and saw her brother and aunt Bellatrix walking away. She stared as she watched her godfather fight with Harry Potter then her godfather vanished.

"Come on (Y/F/N)" said a voice and she gasped as her arm was grabbed and then she was disapparated. She opened her eyes and gasped when she saw her mother and Draco looking at her. She turned and saw Severus holding her arm.

"It is done. Dumbledore is dead" she heard a voice say and gasped when she saw a man in a black cloak and with a snake at his side. She knew immediately who it was. Lord Voldemort. She quickly ran to her mother, who hugged her tightly as Draco looked at her, guilty.

"Don't whimper, (Y/F/N). Whatever you do, don't whimper or cry" Narcissa whispered softly and (Y/F/N) nodded and bite her lip.

"..Dead and by our youngest death eaters hand" Lord Voldemort said and (Y/F/N) looked at her brother and he looked at the floor.

"No" she whispered and Draco's shoulders sagged and she buried her head into her mother's body.

"Ah Miss Malfoy" she heard his voice say and Narcissa stiffened.

"Narcissa let her go, I shall not harm her. I just wish to look at Lucius Malfoy's precious jewel" he said and Narcissa slowly let (Y/F/N) go. (Y/F/N) forced herself to turn and look at the floor.

"Look up, I already said I will not hurt you" he said and she looked up slowly and he gasped.

"Yes I can see why she is his precious jewel. You are a very beautiful young lady, Miss Malfoy" he said and she looked at the ground.

"Thank you sir" she said softly.

"And the voice of an angel. Yes she is a precious jewel indeed" he said and Narcissa dragged her children from the hall as soon as she was allowed.

"How could you? After everything you said to me? You swore you would go to Dumbledore the minute he ordered you to do something and you kill him!" (Y/F/N) shouted as her mother silenced her bedroom. Draco looked at his sister and then saw the pain and disappointment in her bright eyes and had to look away.

"The curse on Katie Bell, the poison in Slughorn's Meade that almost killed Ron Weasley, it was you" she said and he sighed and nodded.

"You swore to me that you were nothing like them" she said in a voice so cold and filled with sorrow Draco felt his eyes begin to water.

"And yet you're just the same" she spat and he gasped.

"You are just like father. He swore to me that he was out of all this and now look where he is. He's in Azkaban Draco! If you're caught you'll end up in the same place! I can't believe I was dumb enough to trust you" she said and then he gasped when she ran to him and began punching him in the chest. He took each punch without a sound and then caught her as she collapsed into sobs.

Narcissa and Draco walked down the corridor of Azkaban prison and entered the visitor's room. They gasped as Lucius was pushed into the room. He looked awful. His once silky clean hair was limb and dirty. His perfect skin now covered in dirt and black circles darkened his eyes. Narcissa sighed when she realized the same bags lay under the eyes of her son. Draco had hardly slept all summer. His sister couldn't stand him, his father was in prison and his home had been taken over by the Dark Lord and his followers.

"Draco, Narcissa" Lucius said and ran to hug his wife. Narcissa hugged him back as she cried and held him tightly.

"Draco" Lucius said and Draco stood and hugged his father and then waited for it to hit his father. (Y/F/N) wasn't here.

"(Y/F/N)?" he asked and Narcissa sighed as she wiped away tears.

"Narcissa, where's (Y/F/N)?" Lucius demanded and she sighed.

"She locked herself in her room. She hasn't left it in weeks" she cried and Lucius gasped.

"The Death Eaters" he said and Draco nodded.

"She won't even look at me dad" Draco said and Lucius gasped as his son began to cry silently.

"Is she ok?" he asked and Narcissa and Draco looked at each other and Narcissa burst into tears as Draco tried to hold his back.

"What happened?" Lucius asked and Draco looked at his lap.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, tell me this instant what happened to my daughter" Lucius said and even with the dirt, grime and disheveled appearance, Lucius Malfoy was frightening as ever when his children's health was in danger.

"Avery..." Draco began finding it hard to talk around the lump in his throat and the tears fighting to be let lose.

"What about Avery?" Lucius asked, seeing the way whatever happened was affecting his son.

"..He was drinking..." Draco carried on in a voice much quieter and softer than his sisters.

"...he got into her room..." Draco said and then the tears hit him and he wasn't strong enough to hold them back. Lucius jumped from his seat and fell to the ground by his son and hugged him tightly.

"He raped her dad! He held her down and raped her! I tried to stop him but Donovan and Muller caught me. I'm so sorry Dad. I tried so hard but they were too strong and I...I'm so sorry dad" Draco sobbed and Lucius gasped as he too began to cry as he and Narcissa hugged Draco, tightly.

"I know, I know" Lucius said softly as his son clung to him and apologized.

"It's ok Draco, I know you tried. It's ok" Lucius said and Draco didn't listen and just kept apologizing and crying.

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