This was Never the Plan

16 year old Rachel has such a messed up life. Her 13 year old sister Lilly, has recently found out about something that happened in Rachel's past, and she's scared that the same thing will happen to Lilly, but not by the same man, by someone she deeply cares about.

She has also just answered a very serious question that no 16 year old girl should ever have to answer.

When Rachel turns 17, her 'special' friend wants to give her a present she'll never forget, but this kind of present leaves her pregnant, living in her best friends house, and loosing someone very special to her in a car crash. But will Rachel keep her child? Will she ever make things right with her parents again? Will she ever have just a normal life? Or maybe she wants more....

Read more to find out what Rachel does in this messed up journey through her crazy life! Leave comments! <3


1. 'Yes'

I wake up to my little sister screaming. I run to her room and put her light on. Her face is as white as a ghost. "Hey, it's OK! What's wrong?" I ask and I sit on her bed and pull her onto my lap. "I... I had a nightmare" she whispers.

"Tell me" I mumble. I hear her sigh a little and she doesn't speak. "Come on, Lilly, tell me" I plead. She sighs again. "There was a man... and he was chasing you... b-but you were young... and he caught you... he... h-he started doing bad things to y-you... Rachel it was terrifying" she whimpers. I feel tears fall down my face. "OK... Lilly, it's time you knew... that... Umm... 3 years ago... when I was 13... I was out late with a friend... Carly... we were just walking and then suddenly running from a man... he chased us... he caught Carly... I helped her escape but couldn't escape myself... he... he abused me... Carly just stood there and watched me... the man was caught and put into jail, and after that night I never saw Carly or the man again..." I explain to Lilly. She looks so shocked. "And that's why I done this" I sigh. I show her my scarred arms and sides. "I thought it was all my fault... everyone told me it was my fault... I got bullied, and I only stopped a month ago" I sob lightly. I smile weakly but she doesn't buy it. "Do you ever think of doing it again?" she asks quietly. I sigh quietly. "That's not important" I mumble and make her lie down again. I tuck her up and kiss her on the cheek. I go back to my own room and lie in my bed.

It must have been about an hour before my 20 year old brother, Max, walks in quietly. Max and I used to be really close until after the night I was abused. "Go away" I snap.

"You shouldn't have told her" he growls at me. "She deserved to know!" I hiss at him and sit up to look at him. He shuts my bedroom door and switches on my light. He leans on the door. "She's too young" he says quietly.

"She's 13!" I yell at him.

"Which is too young!" he argues back.

"It's the age I was when I was abused!"

"This isn't about you!"

"Yes it is! It's my choice who I tell and when! I wanted her to find out by me, alright!?" I ask him.

"No! It should have been mum or dad who told her!"

"This happened to me, not them!"

"Stop over-reacting! I bet it wasn't even that painful!" he yells. I stare at him shocked. "Not painful? Max I was abused! I had cuts and bruises! My best friend stood and watched me get hurt after I protected her! I lost you because you didn't care, I got bullied and cut used up until a month ago, and you think this wasn't painful!?" I scream at him. "I did care! But I was pushed away!"

"When I told you, you said to tell someone who cares!" I sob.

"That's because I couldn't handle it all!"

"You couldn't handle it? What about me? I had no one! I lost you, I never saw Carly again and I was in a bad ace with mum and dad! Oh, and let's not forget I was being bullied!" I whimper.

"I'm sorry..." he replies in a calmer voice. "I didn't know about all this... I just... I didn't want to watch you get hurt... Rach, you mean the world to me... I couldn't be here for you because... mum and dad... they told me to leave the city so that I didn't hurt you..." he explains in a whisper. Anger bubbles up inside me. "Rach, I'm so sorry! I never wanted to loose you... I want to be here for you" he mumbles.

"You weren't here when I needed you most!" I cry quietly.

"I know, I know, and I'm sorry but I was told to leave and I didn't know what to do! Please... just let me be here for you now" he pleads. I sigh lightly.

"Max... I've missed you so much" I sob and collapse into his open arms. I cry silently as he rocks me back and forth. All the tension that was between us, begins to slip away and I can feel my protective, older brother coming back into my messed up, crazy life. Now I just need to confront my parents about making Max leave.

After Max left my room I walked through to my parents room and flip the light switch on. They sit up quickly and squint through the light. My dad looks at his clock. "Rach, it's 4:30 in the morning, what's up?" he asks me. Rage fills inside me. "Don't you 'Rach' m'!" I snap. He looks shocked and so does my mum. "Rachel!" exlaims my mum. I glare at them both. "Why did to send him away?" I ask in a low voice. My dad stands up and walks over to me. I take a couple steps back. "Rachel, what are you talking about?" he asks me. I raise my eyebrows. "Don't lie to me! You know exactly what I'm talking about!" I yell annoyed. My mum rushes over to us. "Rachel please calm down" she says calmly. "I will not calm down! You send Max away when you know I needed him!" I shout furiously.

"What!? He would have hurt you!" argues my mum. I shake my head and lean against the wall. Max then walks in and puts his hand on my shoulder. "I needed him more than anything! Carly left, I was getting bullied and I was self-harming! Of course I needed him and he would never hurt me! But you did!" I whisper. My dad puts his arms around me but I push him away. "You can't ever fix the damage you done here. Alright?" I mumble.

"Max did!"

"Max didn't want to leave but you made him! So this was your fault! Not Maxs!" I snap. "We're sorry Rach-"

"Oh shove this up your ass!" I yell angrily and do the finger to them. I walk out behind Max and slam the door to make my point. "Nice one" says Max while laughing. I laugh with him. He pulls me into a tight hug and I wrap my arms around him and hold him tightly. He spins me round and round until we fall onto my bed. "I can't believe you told dad to 'shove it up his ass'" laughs Max. I smile widely. "He's such a bastard!" I say almost yelling. Max almost falls off the bed because he's laughing so much. I laugh almost more than him.

After a couple of hours, Max leaves my room and I lay down on my bed and stare at the the ceiling of my room. I think about all the good things in my life. Max is one of them again. Hannah, my best friend since a year ago and Luke, my boyfriend who I've been with for 2 years now. I want to text him so I pick up my phone, go onto my iMessage and click on his name.

-Hey baby, sorry to text so early in the morning, but can I come over?-

I press send and he replies almost instantly.

-Sure baby, I'll pick you up in 10:)-

I smile and quickly throw some clothes on. I go through and see Max lying on his bed. "I'm going to Luke's" I whisper. He puts a thumbs up and I walk out quietly. I sneak out the house and 5 minutes later I see his car. I smile and quickly hop in. I kiss him quickly and take his hand while he drives. "I'm so sorry to make you drive so early" I apologise to him. "Don't worry baby I would drive anywhere, anytime for you" he says and I smile. I squeeze his hand and put my head on his shoulder.

We walk into his house and into his living room. Luke lives alone because his mum kicked him out a year ago. "OK... Rach... I was going to do this tonight over dinner... but since your here..." he mumbles. I look at him confused. He suddenly gets down on one knee. My eyes open wide. "Luke... what... what are you doing?" I ask in a shaky voice. "Rachel Morrison" he whispers. "Luke... Luke don't do it... please get up" I mutter.

"Rachel Morrison... will you marry me?" he asks. I see fear in his eyes.

"Luke... We're only 16" I sigh and kneel down beside him. "I know, I know! But we can wait as long as you want! 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, I don't care! I just want to know it'll happen!" he explains. I sigh and we sit silently for a long time while he holds the ring out. I sigh again. "Luke... I love you so so much... and I want this to happen more than anything... I really should be saying no, but I love you to much and I really do want this... so I'm saying yes... but can we both agree that we wait until I'm at least 19?" I ask him. He nods and beams at me. He slips the ring on my finger and kisses me gently. When he leans away I hug him tightly and I'm so tired that I fall asleep in my fiancé's arms.

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