A experimental child

A child who crash landed here from the sky. She has no memory what so ever. She finds herself in a room where they test experiment and she's the specimen "the lab rat." A doctor name D. Johnson said that she has source of power in her and so he'll be will the one doing test on her to see what a superhuman girl power is and purpose of being her in this world of Earth. So she will stay with them till they find out and he leaves her a cat to keep her company.
Will she get out of that place or will they keep her forever as their lab rat?


1. who am I!?

It was a blur as I opened my eyes. I uncousious for 5 month just as I looked around I realized that I was tied down on a bed no knowing where I am. On the right was a gigantic window and behind that window was doctors who stared at me. Examining me as if I'm their Specimen in an experiment. I faced them, my black hair was messy with some strands against my eyes, but it wasn't hard to see my violet eyes.

"Hello, can you please help me?" I spoken with a shaken voice. "Please I'm so scared! Please somebody help!" The room began to shake. The door finally opened up. A tall brown headed man with glass and blue eyes.

"Hello there young lady. I'm dr. D. Johnson." He spoken kindly to me as he placed one hand against my cheek. I shed a tear.

"Please help me. Where am I?" He stared down at me showing a bit of guilt. He untied my arms and leg. "Hum thank you sir." I stand up rubbing my arm feeling a bit scared.

"Your here cause your our subject." I stared at him confused. "We found you falling out the sky. We are surprise that your not dead, but..." He stands. "You contain enormous source of power." I look at him.

"What do you mean?" I began to tremble. Then he said "I know this is confusing somehow, but there's no need to worry. Yet you cannot leave..." My eyes widen with fear. "Your a important subject with verity of different source of power. While you were unconscious we did some test." He stared at me eye to eye. "For a little girl your very useful." Just then a cat came out of no where. "This is tori. She'll comfort you while your here. Your gonna be here for a while till then farewell." He begins to leave and before he shuts the door I spoken forcefully. "please tell me who am I!" He turns to face me. "I'll call you Angelina and by the look of your age you seem to be only 5 or 6yrs old." He said as he brought a warm smile on his face and then exit to leave.

"I can't leave..." I lay my head on the pillow feeling with emotions of sadness. "This is so lonely..." Tori came up to her and tried to cheer her up. "We'll not completely alone." She pets her gently. The cat purred and meowed. She giggled. "Don't worry tori. Soon we'll be free..." She hugs her as she closed eyes. "I will be, right?" She closed her eyes falling asleep into a placid dream.

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