Your life with Ashton

It's your hold life with Ashton how you meet first date first kiss first fight and make up when he ask you to marry him, your wedding and your children.

Y/N- your name
Y/F/N- your friends name



How you meet Ashton

Today you were going to a concert to one of your favorite musicians of all time, Bruno Mars!! You and your best friend were going and you had front row seats!! She said it was because of her new friend Michael and his friend Ashton. You wore this and she, this. "Girl I'm so excited!" You yelled to your best friend as you two walked into the place. You made your way to your seats and had about a half an hour until the show started. Suddenly, you had to pee very badly. "Y/F/N, I'm going to go pee! Be right back." you said to your friend. She nodded. You dashed up to the main level and tried to find the bathroom. You walked around aimlessly for ten minutes until you finally found it. Surprisingly, there was no one in it. You relieved yourself and washed your hands. You walked out and realized you had no idea where you were. And the show was going to start soon! You ran around and tried to think of how you got there while trying not to run into people in the crowd.

Then someone shoved you from behind and you fell into some stranger who caught you. You look up to see Ashton Irwin with a shocked reaction on his face. You loved his band and his music. He had always been your favorite so naturally you were sort of frozen. "uh...sorry." you stuttered nervously. You got back to your feet and blushed. "No worries. I'm Ashton." He said sticking out his hand. "Yeah I recognized you. I'm Y/N." You said shaking it. The crowd had thinned out since the show would start any minute. "I'm sorry but you seem lost." He said to you. "Yeah I am." You admitted quietly and blushed. "Let me help you. I've played a show here and know my way around." You grabbed your ticket from you back pocket and showed him. "Oh your seat is right next to mine. I'll take you!" He grabbed your hand and ran. You ran following him but loved that he was holding your hand. Soon you found yourself back with your friend. She was talking to Ashton's band mate, Michael. 'Wait. That's her friend Michael?! Well, now I have a friend Ashton.' You thought to yourself. Then the lights dimmed and the show started.

It was now almost the end of the show. You and Ashton had really been hitting it off. You're pretty sure he likes you. You had been talking and singing and dancing all night. The concert had been fun. Now it was the last song and you knew which one it was because it was your favorite song of his. "Alright guys, this is the last song." The crowd booed. "Sorry guys, I'm sort of out of songs." He said. "But we're going to end this right. So here we go, this is 'Treasure'" "This is my song!" you and Ashton yelled at the same time. Bruno had heard you guys and looked over. "Wait before we start, I would like this gentleman and this pretty young lady to come up here." He offered a hand to Ashton and he took it to climb on the stage. Ashton offered his to you and you took it. "Well aren't you Ashton from 5 Seconds of Summer?" Bruno said. "Yes I am." Ashton said. "And who's this lovely lady?" "I'm Y/N." You said into his microphone. You were sort of starstruck and couldn't respond too well but whatever. "And are you dating or what?" "No we just met." You said. "Uh-huh. Well you've been very flirty all night, both of you." You and Ashton both blushed. "Now I understand you both like this song?" You both nodded. "Okay you stand behind me and follow what I do. Okay?" You both nodded. "Now start us off." Bruno said. He held the mic and you and Ashton looked at each other. Then you scream "BABY SQUIRREL YOUZ A SEXY MOTHERFUCKER!" and it started. Bruno was dancing in front of you and you were supposed to follow along. You got it pretty down but Ashton was fumbling. Then a girl came out and danced with Bruno for the end. You and Ashton became partners. You danced and laughed and sang. He spun you out and back in and you ended face to face. "Will you go out with me?" He said. You looked at him, breathing heavily. You broke out into a smile and sighed, "Yes." He smiled and hugged you. It was one of your favorite nights.

First Date:

After the concert, you and Ashton exchanged number and have been texting nonstop since. You two were finally going on your first date after a week of texting. He texted you to meet him at his house and dress pretty. You put on this, grabbed your phone, and walked down. Turns out he lives about a block away. You arrived at his house and knocked on his door. Your best friend answered the door. "Hey, Y/N." "Y/F/N! What are you doing here?!" "Oh Michael and I are going out now. Like as of 5 minutes ago." "OMG!!" You screamed and hugged her. "And we'll be leaving to go bowling soon so it'll be just you and Ash." she said. "Okay. Can I come in now?" "Oh sure! Ashton's in the backyard. I'll show you." She led you to two sliding glass doors. "Have fun!" You opened one, stepped outside and closed it. They had a big backyard that had a patio with a fire pit, a koi pond, and a huge grass yard. "Y/N." You turned to see Ashton standing there, smiling. "Ash!" you ran and hugged him. "I've got something to show you." He put his arm around you and led you to a cute little picnic. "Ash! You set this up?" "All by myself. Come sit." He sat on the blanket and invited you to sit next to him. He pulled out two drinks and two sandwiches along with a package of grapes. "I hope peanut butter and jelly is alright." "It's perfect." He handed one to you. You started to eat. You two talked and laughed and ate your lunch. You were thoroughly enjoying yourself. He even make pie for dessert!

Now you two were laying on the blanket and making shapes out of the clouds. "You know what that one looks like?" he said. "What?" You asked it looked so odd to you. "A heart." You looked harder. "Oh yeah! I see it!" "Can I ask you a question?" "Sure." He sat up to look at you and you sat up too. "Y/N, I think you are so pretty and so funny and everything I'm looking for in a girl. Will you be my girlfriend?" You smiled at him. "Ashton, what on earth would make you think I would say no?" He smiled wide and hugged. You cuddled on the blanket and continued to watch the clouds.

First Kiss:

5 Seconds of Summer were on tour in America and you were allowed to come with. Right now you were in New York and Ashton really wanted to go to a baseball game. He had heard his favorite team, the Cleveland Indians, were going to be playing your favorite team, the New York Yankees, tonight. Really he only like the Indians because he thought the guy was cute but you just let him be. He got you two tickets in right field and you both dressed in your teams gear. It was fun. You guys shared popcorn and got ice cream and cheered. No one had noticed him yet which was good. Then your favorite player, Robinson Cano, was up in the bottom of the fifth. The score was tied but the bases were loaded. You had a good feeling in the pit of your stomach. You watched intensely. "Um..babe?" "Not now Ashton!" "Y/N." "Ashton! I said not now!" Next thing you knew, crashed his lips into yours. At first you were shocked and a little angry but you kissed back. After all, you did love this boy. You were just too afraid to say it though. He smiled into the kiss and pulled back. He smiled at you. "Kiss cam." You turned your head to see yourself on the big screen. You looked back at Ashton. He rested his forehead on yours. He pecked your lips again.

Then you heard the crack of a bat. Your attention turned to the game and more importantly to the baseball making a line-drive for your face. You stood up. Ashton reached out his hand and caught the ball. "Ash you caught it! You caught Cano's grand-slam ball!" you yelled. He turned and gave it to you. "Here. It's your's." You looked at him smiling "Ash, I love you." you said. He hugged you. "I love you too, Y/N." You watched as the players made it around the bases. Cano gave you guys and thumbs up and you returned it. The Yankees won the game 5-1.


You guys were now in Ireland on the 5SOS tour. Ashton and the boys wanted to go out but you were still jet-lagged so you stayed in the hotel room. It was getting to be around 2:30 and you were still awake. You were a little worried but figured that the boys were still having fun. You called your best friend to see if she had heard from Michael. "Hello?" she answered. "Hey Y/F/N. I was wondering if you knew where the boys were." "Oh. Michael got back and hour ago." "What? Let me talk to him." "Okay. He's wide awake anyway." "Hello?" A deep voice sad through the phone. "Hey Mike. Do you know where Ash is?" "Well.." "What is it?" "He drank a lot and we were trying to convince him to come home but he wouldn't listen. Then this slutty girl came up and said 'yeah come home' and.." "And he went home with her." you said tears already tracking down your face. "Yeah. I'm so sorry. It's never been like Ashton to do this. Do you want us to come down to your room? I can give Y/F/N up for night." "No I'm fine." you choked out. Truth is you weren't. "Alright. Call if you need anything or if you hear from him. We'll call if we hear anything too." "Thanks Mike." "No problem. Goodnight." "Night." you said and he ended the call. You fell on the bed and cried your heart out into the pillow. How could he? After all you guys had been through, how could he cheat on you? He had been lying to you all along. You definitely weren't going to get any sleep tonight. Thoughts swirled around in your head but all you could do was cry.

You cried on the bed until the sun peeked through the curtains. Then you picked yourself up. You took a showered and packed your things. 'If he doesn't appreciate me then there's no need to stick around.' you thought. You picked up your suitcase and headed for the door. But something fell out and rolled across the floor. It was the baseball from when he told you he loved you. You threw it at the wall angrily. No more tears. You were done with them. You reached for the doorknob when the door flew open. You backed up quickly and looked up. There, in the doorway, was a distraught Ashton with a tear soaked face. You looked at him and felt the tears coming on again but you pushed them back. He looked at you suitcase and then back up at you. He then broke down and fell to the floor in a heap of sobs. "I'm sorry Y/N. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done it. I should have listened to Michael. It was wrong. Please don't leave. I love you." You stood there with your arms crossed, trying to stay strong. Honestly, you wanted to break down too and forgive him but you knew you would end up where you are again. You started for the open door. He stands up and walks across the room. He sees the baseball and picks it up. "At least let me explain myself.. please?" You sighed and turned to him but still didn't say anything. "Last night, I had way too many shots. I honestly don't remember a lot of it. I remember dancing with this slutty little thing and then Michael telling me that you would want me to come home. Then she came out and said 'yeah come home.' I was so drunk that I thought it was you. I couldn't see anything or comprehend anything. So we went back to her house. But I didn't do anything, I swear. I remember vomiting on her floor and then I think I passed out. I woke up this morning on her couch and I had to walk home." "So you really didn't do anything with her?" "Really." He said standing up. You looked at his shirt and it still had vomit on it. "Please forgive me. I know I don't deserve it.but-" you cut him off by running up and kissing him. "Ashton. I forgive you." you pulled back and said. "Now go shower." He looked down at you and smiled. "Babe. I've got a killer headache. Can we just stay in and watch movies today?" "I wouldn't want anything more." You said pecking his lips again.


Ashton had texted you to come down to his house and to wear something pretty. You two have been dating for about a year and a half now. He had just finished the tour. You had to come back to Australia after Ireland. You wanted to meet him at the airport but he wouldn't allow it and said he had a surprise. You put on this and walked down. It reminded you of your guys' first date when he had a picnic step up for you. You knocked on the front door and not to your surprise your best friend answered. "Hey." you said and hugged her. "You look so cute today!" she said. "Thanks! Ashton invited me over." "Yeah he's in the back. Follow me!" she said and skipped away. You laughed and followed her. She opened the sliding glass door to the backyard. "Whoa!" you said. The boys had turned it into a party. There was a snack table, some tables and a bunch of their friends like One Direction and some of the guys from All Time Low. There were also a bunch of backyard games like horseshoes, badminton, and volleyball. There was music playing and there was a stage set up. "What's this for?" you asked. You best friend shrugged. "I guess just to have a party. Come here." she ran in front of you and you trailed behind.

You were at the snack table getting a drink when you heard someone from behind. "Hello everyone!" your best friend said from the stage. 'What? How did she get there?!' you thought. "We have a little show in store for you guys so here they are, 5 Seconds of Summer!" She left the stage and you ran to it. You stood in the front as the four boys walked out. They were dressed head to toe in 70's gear. Like with fake afros and jumpsuits and everything. It made you laugh so hard. They turned around and Ashton said, "Baby squirrel, youz a sexy motherfucker." and then the music for 'Treasure' started. Ashton was the front-runner and the rest of the band was the background. They tried to dance and failed miserably but you thought it was hilarious. You knew he was singing to you. "Oh. Oh. Ooooh." Ashton sang. The boys continued. "Alright everyone. There is a beautiful girl here that I'd like to bring up." He offered you a hand and you took it. "Say this is like the night we met." You said on top of the stage. "Everyone this is my perfect girlfriend, Y/N." He said showing you off. You smiled and waved. "I love her so much but I don't want her to be my girlfriend anymore." You turned to him confused. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out this ring. You looked at him, jaw dropped. "Y/N, you are my treasure. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" You smiled and yelled, "Yes!" He stood up and slid the ring on your finger. He picked you up and spun you around. Someone was singing the song but it wasn't Ashton. He set you down and you turned around to see Bruno Mars singing his song. You went up and hugged him. "Thank you." you mouthed. He nodded and winked. You looked at your best friend and she ran out and hugged you. Then she went over to Mike. You looked back at Ashton. He looked at the ground and looked up at you. You ran to him and kissed. "Ashton Fletcher Irwin, you are the best." you said.


You and Ashton had a rather small wedding. It was mainly family plus a couple close friends and Bruno Mars of course. You had it at a church in his hometown. Michael was his best man and your best friend was your maid of honor. The colors were red, black, and white.


A year after you guys got married you fell pregnant with a baby boy. Once you found out, Luke, his pregnant wife, and two kids had to move in with you guys. Then Michael wife and Calum's girlfriend found out they were pregnant too! Luke and his girl gave birth and then you did a month later. They moved out and you and Ashton bought a house in Australia near his family. Two years later you had a baby girl. When she was four the family got a dog. Your love for each other never faded and eventually you two had a vow renewal. The band stayed together for a long time. All the boys remain best friends and lived in the same neighborhood.

Michael Gordon Irwin


Age 10


Michael was named after Ashton's best friend. He always looked up to his uncle Calum and learned the bass from him. He then learned the drums and guitar but his first was the bass. He was rebellious growing up. He didn't like school work too much. When he got into high school, he became interested in music and cared about school. He is best friends with Luke's youngest son, Shane. They're in the same grade. He is very protective of his younger sister. He has a crush on Calum's daughter, Kayla, and finally asks her out when he is a junior and they end up together. He goes to college for music and gets a record deal. His personality is crazy and funny just like his dad.

Tillie Margaret Irwin


Age 10


Tillie is very popular in her grade. She is very shy, sweet, caring and loves animals! She is very diligent in school and close with her brother. She is best friends with Michael's daughter Hanna and Luke's daughter Winnie, even though she is three years younger. She is the youngest of all the children. She ends up with her brother's best friend Shane. She goes to college to become a veterinarian.

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