You and I

Aria dad is going to be the manager of one direction and he falls in love with Harry styles
Will they cheat
Will Niall ever stop eating (jk)
Will her dad be okay with all of this


2. Your mine

Two days after 

I looked around the tour bus and when I was done packing it had 7 rooms with a bathroom in each one and a small kitchen and living room,my bed was full sized like the one at home and I started to get feelings for Harry I really like him but won't get a chance with him,someone then knocked on my door and came in,it was the one and only Harry.

whats the matter Harry~aria 

look I love you and I can't stop thinking about you and I just want you to be mine I need you in my life~Harry 

i was shocked and didn't know what to say 

harry came closer to me and wrapped he's hands around my waist and crashed he's lips on to mine it felt right like it was meant to be and I just love the feeling of this I then wrapped my arms around he's neck and he picked me up and put me on the dresser he's tongue hit my lip for entrance and I gave it to him I then tugged on his shirt and off it went,so did mine he picked me up and off of the dresser and laid me on the bed and he started to suck on my neck and then kiss my neck all the way down to my stomach and back up to my lips then the door clicked opened and Louis is standing there in shocked

sorry did I interrupted something~Louis 

yeah you did ~Harry 

we'll there's pizza and yeah~Louis

he then closed the door 

Harry looked at me and started to laugh I did as well 

You want to eat~Harry 

yeah I am kinda hungry~aria 

I pulled on my shirt and so did Harry 

so dose this mean your mine ~Harry 

yes~aria I said with a smile 

before we walked out the door Harry kissed me on my forehead we walked to the small kitchen where the smell of pizza came form

well look who came to join the little love birds~zyan

I can't believe you were going to have sex~Louis

we we're not about to have sex,we just made out that's it~Harry 

Niall's P.O.V 

i can't believe Harry made out with her after I said I liked her I saw her first and now there to get there, I can't stand harry I just want to punch him in the face




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