You and I

Aria dad is going to be the manager of one direction and he falls in love with Harry styles
Will they cheat
Will Niall ever stop eating (jk)
Will her dad be okay with all of this


4. He found out

Aria's P.O.V

i woke up to the sound of my dad screaming his lungs off and I then Remember I was in Harry's bed in he's room I jumped out of the bed as quick as I could

why are you with Harry aria~John (dad)

because I was - I then was cut by my dad 

sleeping with him, I told you not to date the boys and harry if you had sex with my daughter I'm going to cut off you nuts~John (dad) 

I did't I swear I didn't have sex with her,but I do love her~Harry 

you love anything the band any girl you see you love~john (dad) 

my dad then got a grip on my hand and brings me to my room  




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