Roses at my doorstep

I picked up my tear stained guitar singing a song I remembered from Somwhere roses at my doorstep well the world is burning down fires rising up the earth with a crack down the middle I fall through im falling remembering the roses lifting up my broken wings


3. umm okay

I was walking home from my friend Diana peazers house (just cuz Daniel and Liam broke doesent mean I have to lose a friend) plish plunk plank went the rain. Louis drove by splashing me with dirty muddy water.(I said rude right?) son of a AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HARRY?!?!? What?you just knocked me over.! So what maybe I meant to.he said of course running away.ugh Niall drove by.oh hey want a ride? No I'm good. Come on you're wet and muddy. And you want me in you're car why? reason.just come on. Umm okay fine

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