Home is where I want to go

What do you want from me?

Daisy is a stubborn girl and won't take no for a answer. She's 18, has long silky brown hair and pretty skinny. She loves flowers..(Hence her name)

Will Daisy get out? Or will she fall in love with Harold?

Read to find out!!


7. CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay so..

This is the contest, to be one of One Direction's, or 5SOS's girlfriend..


The only positions that are open are

1. Liam's Girlfriend

2. Zayn's Girlfriend

3. Lou's Girlfriend

4. Calum's Girlfriend

5. Michael's Girlfriend

6. Ashton's Girlfriend


Just comment, who's girlfriend you want to be


I'l pick a lucky winner.. Yep.

Once I have picked you....

Let me know what type of relationship you want with whom ever

you want..

Love you penguins.





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