Home is where I want to go

What do you want from me?

Daisy is a stubborn girl and won't take no for a answer. She's 18, has long silky brown hair and pretty skinny. She loves flowers..(Hence her name)

Will Daisy get out? Or will she fall in love with Harold?

Read to find out!!


3. Chapter 2


I wake up in a room with a king sized bed, a dresser in the corner and a door that is right in front of the bed. The room is quite big actually. I sit up and feel a bit dizzy. I place my palm on my forehead and steady myself. I have a bit of a headache but that is the least of my problems now. Where the fuck am I? The door opens to reveal a very mysterious man with the same green, glowing eyes as last night. 

"Look who finally decided to wake up." He says standing in front of the door. 

"Who are you..? Why am I here..?" I look at him with pleading eyes..

"Well, I'm Harold or Harry, and...." He trails off

"Hey Harold are we- Who is that?" A boy with dirty blonde hair that was in a quiff and a lip ring walks in.

"Well that is..Um..That is-" Harold looks at me with questioning eyes..

"Daisy. I'm Daisy." I blurt...

"Well, uh..Nice to meet you, Daisy" He winks..

Harold takes Blondie out of the room and closes the door

"Luke! Back off my girl!" Harry yell whispers

"Fine, but if she breaks up with you don't blame me!" Luke I'm assuming yells..

"Sorry about that." Harry says entering the room again

"Lets get this straight..I'm not your girl!! You took me!" I yell at him..

His eyes get a dark green.. His jaw clenches and his hand is in a fist..He starts walking towards the bed I'm sitting on and pulls me up off it, holding my arms, squeezing them very hard..

"Harry, you're hurting me! Stop it!" I whimper

"You. Are. Mine. I own you, you belong to me! Not Luke!" He says through gritted teeth..

A tear slips out of my eye when I feel blood trickle down my arm from his nails digging into my arm. I notice his face softens and he lets go of my arms..

"D-Daisy, I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me!" He says hugging me.

I just stand there and more tears glide down my face. He lets go and walks out of the room.


HEY GUYS! Just to let you guys know I will be working on the next few chapters today possibly!! Love you guys! Make sure to become a fan of me or like or favorite this!! 

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