Kidnapped by Jason McCann

17 year old Hope is bullied through the whole of high-school and only has her best friend/boyfriend Taylor. She lives with her parents and younger brother Max. She starts receiving strange messages from "UNKNOWN" but ignores it and thinks that boys at school were playing jokes on her but doesn't realize that it's Jason McCann! America's Most Wanted Criminal... (Read to find out more :) !! )


2. School

Hope's POV :

Walking through the crowed hallway felt everyone's attention on me as it became silent, shutting my eyes from the pain and hurt they said...







What had I ever done to them? I felt my eyes watering as I felt a vibration in my pocket.

Don't cry babygirl i'll kill them all and soon you will be with me-UNKNOWN 

I froze in my steps, felling a shiver go down my back, I brushed it off and ignored it, it could be someone playing a prank on me, I thought. I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes. "Guess who it is?"

"Taylor!!!!!!!!!" I screamed with happiness, I hadn't seen him for a month as he went to visit his grandparents in Italy. I grabbed hold of him and didn't want to let go, " do you wanna bunk the rest of the day?" I smirked and nodded as he grabbed my hand. 

As Taylor was riding his red Lamborghini I noticed that a black range rover was following us through the side mirror. "Where are we going babe?" I asked quickly, "Starbucks, if it's alright with you?" "Yeah that's fine". 

"Can you turn left for a second?" 

"Why whats wrong Hope? You look really pale is everything alright?." 

"It's nothing I just want to check something".

Looking through the side mirror I noticed that the car was still following us.

"Taylor, don't look back but there's a car following us!" I said with fear in my voice.

Taylor's POV:

Hope was right! there was a black range rover following us!

As my car started moving faster so did the range rover. I heard hope scream as the sound of guns went off, they were trying to murder us!  

I went through a shortcut through a forest area and made sure that the car wasn't following us. As we reached Hope's house I noticed that she was crying and shaking and that she was petrified.

Hope's POV

Taylor left when he brought me home and offered to stay but I told him that I needed to be alone and thing about some things, I locked every window and door in the house and stayed in my room. 

My parents had gone to a business trip and Max was at his friends house. 

I heard my phone vibrate:

I'm sorry about the guns and shooting babygirl, but I need to get rid of Taylor if you're going to be mine, You escaped this time but you won't be able to tonight-UNKNOWN

(Hey a/n, I hope you like my story so far, I'll update later because I need to finish some homework. TTYL :) xxxxx)

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