Kidnapped by Jason McCann

17 year old Hope is bullied through the whole of high-school and only has her best friend/boyfriend Taylor. She lives with her parents and younger brother Max. She starts receiving strange messages from "UNKNOWN" but ignores it and thinks that boys at school were playing jokes on her but doesn't realize that it's Jason McCann! America's Most Wanted Criminal... (Read to find out more :) !! )


18. Leaving

Hope's P.O.V 

I felt his heavy footsteps moving closer to our bedroom.

"Babygirl, can I come in?" He spoke gently.

I walked over to the door and unlocked it. As soon as Jason came in, Lucy walked out, giving me a sympathetic smile. 

"I need to talk to you." I said while holding his hands in mine. 

I noticed that Jason's face slackened, his brow furrowed and his eyes were burning holes through me. 

"I'm pregnant." I whispered as he looked at me with shock. 

"YOUR WHAT?!" He yelled with anger as he put ran his hands through his hair.. 

"I-I need to go." He said as he ran out of the house. 

I felt my eyes go blurry as Max walked into the room. 

"Did you and Jason have a fight?" He asked quietly. 

"No pumpkin." I said as I wiped away my tears and he hugged me. 

Jason's P.O.V 

I felt so many emotions running thorough my head as got out of my car and walked towards the group of drunken teenagers. I was going to be a dad, but I can't raise a baby to live with a criminal. 

The smell of alcohol made me feel light headed as I grabbed a bottle and chugged it down. 

The sound of high heels made me look up and see a blonde bimbo. 

"Hey sexy, do you wanna go someplace alone?" She said as she approached me. 

"Fuck off." I said as I grabbed a shot. 

"I just wanna have some fun with you." She said as she pouted. "Look why don't you-" All of a sudden I felt my head spinning as I lost control of my body. 

"Sure babe." I slurred. "Let's go back to my place, but we have to be quiet so we don't wake Hope up." I said as I stumbled.

Hope's P.O.V

I kissed Max's forehead as I finally got him to sleep. Walking to the kitchen to get some water, I heard the front door creek open. As I walked out of the kitchen, there was no-one in sight. 

"Jason, are you there?" I shouted. But there was no response. I sighed to myself and ignored it and went upstairs to sleep. 

**************IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT*******************

My eyeballs felt sore, if that was even possible as I awoke from my slumber. I blinked a couple of times to get them used to the dark. I stared at the empty space on the bed, where Jason would sleep. I rolled my shoulders while I began to tiredly sit up and run my hands through my chocolate brown hair, tying it in a bun. While I slowly got out of bed my bare feet met the cold wooden floor beneath me. Heading towards the bathroom outside my room, I heard a bed creak from the guest bedroom. I slowly walked towards the room, making sure I was silent. As I opened the door, I couldn't believe my eyes and I had to take another glance. There was a small petite body that was tucked near his muscular one. There were clothes scattered across the room and the only thing that was heard was the the clock ticking. 

I quietly closed the door and grabbed a suitcase, placing mine and Max's belongings inside. When I was done, I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, my hand was swiping across the fresh page and my hatred poured into it as tears ran down my cheeks. When I had finished, I grabbed and envelop, and put the letter inside. I sealed it and left it on the bed. I grabbed my schoolbag which I had ever since Jason had kidnapped me, and grabbed the silver card which had all my savings.  

I gently carried Max and put him inside the range-rover (Sapphire had got me), as well as our belongings. 

"Goodbye Jason." I whispered as I drove away from my past.


Hey a/n, sorry I took ages to update, I had an writers block. Anyway this is end of the first book and I might make a squeal. Please give me some reviews and please like my story :) 

Thanks, I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!! xxx


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