Kidnapped by Jason McCann

17 year old Hope is bullied through the whole of high-school and only has her best friend/boyfriend Taylor. She lives with her parents and younger brother Max. She starts receiving strange messages from "UNKNOWN" but ignores it and thinks that boys at school were playing jokes on her but doesn't realize that it's Jason McCann! America's Most Wanted Criminal... (Read to find out more :) !! )


14. Girlfriend?

Hope's P.O.V

"Wait, that means that you kidnapped Max!" I felt my blood boiling. 

"Yeah I did kidnap him. The truth is that I never really cared about you or loved you, I knew that Jason loved you and I used you as my weapon to torment him. I also wanted to get in your pants, but you wanted to wait, so I cheated on you a multiple of times." He said while smirking. I felt my face turn red with anger as I felt hatred towards him. 

"I don't care what you did. I love Jason and nothing will ever change that." I said as I spat at his face, all of a sudden I felt his large hand come in contact with my cheek, making me wince in pain.

"You don't want to make me angry, I'll do something you'll regret!" He spoke in a warning tone. 

"Fuck you." I spoke while chuckling at him. 

"Fine, you've asked for it." I felt his disgusting vodka breath on my neck. "Should we do this the hard or easy way?" 

"No, stay away from me!" I yelled as I realized what he was going to do. Jason where are you? I thought to myself as I felt his hands roaming my body. 

Jason's P.O.V 

I heard a scream coming from inside the house. "Lets go!" I yelled as we grabbed our guns.

Walking inside the house I ran upstairs with Drake and Owen and the rest of them were downstairs. 

"Help!" I heard someone yell from the room at the end. Kicking it open, I saw a guy taking his clothes off and Hope was tied to a chair only in her undergarments. "Jay!" I heard her yell. Drake and Owen grabbed the guy as I ran to Hope. I untied her and covered her with my Jacket and carried her bridal style. I leaned down and kissed her as she hugged me. I grabbed my gun and looked at him. "Taylor, it's so lovely to see you again." I said with sarcasm and venom. 

"I wanted to kill you last time but I didn't get the chance too but I will now." I grabbed my gun and shot him a multiple of times. "Get rid of the body," I said to Owen as I walked out of the room. 


I grabbed my t-shirt and a pair of boxers, so Hope could wear them. "Hey Jason, you in here?" Alex asked while knocking on my bedroom door. "Yeah, come in." 

I sighed as I sat down on my bed. "Is Hope alright now?"

"I'm not sure, ever since she's come back, she hasn't said anything and keeps on taking showers." I said while playing with my fingers. 

"She'll be fine, time heals pain." He said as he walked out of the room. 

Walking to the bathroom, I heard faint sobs, "Hope, can I come in?" I asked while holding the clothes. 

As the door unlocked, I walked in. Hope had a towel wrapped around her and had no make-up on. She looked flawless. 

I handed her the clothes and walked out, giving her some privacy. A few moments later she lay down next to me on the bed. I faced and wrapped my arm around her. "Thank you for saving me Jay." She whispered as we cuddled.

"It's okay princess, I'll always be here for you. I love you." I said while rubbing her back.

"Hope, I need to ask you something , I know that it might be the wrong time but this can't wait." I spoke while getting nervous. "Will you be my girlfriend?" 

I stared into her crystal blue eyes, which were as deep as a sea. 

"Yes." She said while smiling. 

***************************************************************************************************************Hey a/n I've posted 2 chapters in one day!!! :) Please give me some feedback :) xx


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