the boy next door

when your next door nieghbor so happen to be the boy you have had the biggest crush on for ages it can get kinda akward


1. when he first moved in

my mum had told me to go say hi to my new next door nieghbor as we were around the same age. so off i went . i knocked on the door twice. i heard a voice id heard before shout one sec . then the door opened . oh my fucking god . Harry f***ing styles . " uh hi im (y/n) im your next door nieghbor. "oh hey im harry i just moved here , hey do u know where star records is ." " yeah my dad owns it i work there why ?" " cos thats were me and the boys are recording tommorow " "okay cool well ill see you there " bye " " bye harry " . omfg i just meet harry bloody styles and im working with him omg . i cant belive it . If one direction were comin to my work i had to look good so after i got home i got in the shower washed my hair with cherry shampoo and conditioner and my body with a vanilla body wash . when i woke up the next day i felt happy but nevous . i made myself some tea then went back upstairs to do my hair and make up . i wore a some black skinny jeans and a white crop top whick had a skull on it . i then headed out the door to work .

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