Changed (Cameron Dallas Fan Fic)

She hated her life... Ever since her mom died from cancer, dad died from a car crash with her little sister Farrah in the back seat... She lives alone bullied, constantly cuts herself becoming super pale... And it all started when Cameron Dallas her only best friend who understood her left her after her family died but then he leaves and she just all alone. Angry, upset, and depressed is the only emotion she shows.


3. Different Lunch

Emilia's POV.......

Mrs. Panze explained what we were gonna do for this project that was only suppose to be done at school and then the bell rung and I was the first one out to go to lunch. I walked fast to my locker and dropped my stuff inside and grabbed my lunch bag and headed to the cafeteria. When I was about to walk inside Dylan stops me. He smiles at me with that AMAZING smile and says.

"Hey there you are I was looking everywhere for you."

"Well here I am. So what's up?"

"I was wondering if I could-"

Then Ashton and his gang yelled across the cafeteria room and said.

"Hey new kid! Come over here!!"

Speaking to Dylan and Dylan looks at me and I say.

"You should probably go Ashton awaits for you. And have fun speaking about me and learning more bullshit about me."

And I walked away going to my table sitting in the end alone like always. I pull out my lunch then Amber, Tina, and Sabrina come by Amber sits next to me and says.

"Look Dylan is mine so stay the fuck away. Kay kay?"

And she turns around flipping her weave then she turns back around and says.

"Also how do you like your food in your mouth or on the floor."

And she takes all my food I had and throws it on the ground and everyone near me laughs. Then Dylan gets up and moves all his stuff and comes over to me and sits next to me and he passes his lunch to me and says.

"You can have my food."

I look at him and say.

"Thank you."

And I hug him. His hugs were the best so far like really. Ugh how can a super A-FUCKING DAMN D-O-R-A-B-L-E boy with a SUPER adorable smile and melts your heart, and gives one of the best heart warming hugs ever like me as a friend and hang out with me.

As I ate Calise comes and sits down at my table with me and Dylan. Dylan gives her a nasty look like a 'why are you sitting here look' and she looks at him and I and says.

"I done with Ambers bullshit okay? I just want to be normal. I tired of have thongs up my fucking ass. And tight slutty clothes on me. And Emilia I'm so, so, very, very sorry for all the bullshit I've done to you please forgive me and I understand if you can't. But I just want to be your friend again please...."

I was shocked at first and Dylan was laughing at her cause of her mentioning thongs up her ass and slutty tight clothes on her.

"I forgive you."

"Ugh thank you so much. And Dylan being a girl is hard as hell even when you're with Amber and you've gotta be perfect!"

And he laughs harder and she playfully hits him.

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