Blue genes

Cece's never been fully accepted; in New York or at home, in England, and finally being accepted into the most exclusive clique at her new boarding school seems to good to be true. But Ceces about to found out that there's a lot more to college than boys and Jell-O shots, when she discovers the real reason she's suddenly popular... and that it has nothing to do with her shining personality and more to do with her genetics. Now she has to decide if it's all too weird or if her home from home is the closest to a real home she's ever had.


3. crazy eyes and butterfly's

"So why don't you like Raven?" I finally ventured. By some unspoken arrangement Raven had, thankfully, been switched with Nate for my next lesson; Art. And for the last hour I had been actually enjoying relatively normal conversation with him, (opposed to the odd questions and strange comments Raven had continuously thrown my way, not two hours earlier). All the whilst we painted portraits of each other as instructed by the over excited, chubby faced teacher, mrs Devonshire. And after a long hour of studying his handsome face and making small talk, I needed to ask about Raven. As much as I enjoyed ignoring her existence, my curiosity couldn't help taking the bait of asking what her deal was...

"Why would I?" His face cringed at the sound of her name and I wondered if the two of them had history... Not that I cared about Nate's dating history or any of his history at all. I was just curious.

"She's beautiful, smart, confident...." I baited.

" scheming, self absorbed and spiteful..."

"She can't be that bad, you mentioned being family friends, surely she didn't scheme as a toddler?" I joked.

"Nope. she came out the womb manipulating everyone to get her own way and stealing toys off the other baby's in the nursery ward." Nate smiled. His paint brush was lost in his broad hands, but he still looked cherub like and adorably school boy innocent, I ducked my head behind my canvas to hide the pink colour blossoming on my cheeks.

"We'll I can't imagine you were much better, tufts of blond hair and big blue eyes, how could anyone have said no to that?" I blushed even more, realising I was border line flirting with him. I suddenly became acutely aware of how close we were. Our portrait stands were angled so we were side by side but still facing each other, one of his knees only an inch from my crossed leg.

"Like you were much better, I was always tall, people just assumed I was older than I was and with Seb forever playing pranks I was the serious grown up one who could deal with himself." He smiled at me and studied my face before adding paint to his portrait of me. My stomach tingled at the thought of Nate confiding in me, and I kept quiet, not wanting to ruin the comfortable silence between us.

I had finished ages ago but felt embarrassed. In my portrait he looked gorgeous, and they say a painting is worth a thousand words, so what did that portrait say about how I felt towards him? I couldn't make him any less perfect; he was flawless in real life. So instead I just continued adding water to the page and over analysing it.

" Whereas you are delicate, fragile, your parents must have wanted to wrap you in bubble wrap as a child and lock you away," I laughed; even though that was a fairly accurate description of me, my... Talents made my parents pretty sure that I could take care of myself and they left me mostly to my own devices. Ha! If only Nate knew... I bet he wouldn't think I was so sweet then...

"I would have any way," He turned his art work to face me and I had to blink twice. The girl in his portrait had this perfect porcelain skin with huge yellowy brown almond eyes and small pink lips, parted slightly as if in awe of something. (Or someone). Her tresses were silky brown and the loose curls framed her heart shaped face gorgeously. The rest of my body that he'd done was slender and long making me wonder if that's how he really saw me.

"That's not me," I gasped, only half joking.

"Hey, I know it's only the first class, but I think it's pretty good," He grinned mock defensively.

"I mean she's way to..." I tried to find the right word. Of course it was amazing, everything he seemed to do was, but I no way looked like that.

"Wonderful work Nathaniel, you've really created a remarkable likeness to your partner," Mrs Devonshire beamed, before rambling on about brush strokes and creating texture. She wore this hippie outfit straight from the sixties, and I wondered if as a flower power child she took any mind altering drugs and if, just maybe, she was still taking them... What likeness?

"Ah miss Tanum, gorgeous gorgeous, I would like to borrow this, if I may? Yes yes," without waiting for a response her plump hands whipped my painting off its easel and she was making her way back to the front of the class. "Oh God," It took a moment for me to realise what was happening, and I stood up and rocking on my heels, debating whether or not to run up to her and snatch it back. I scolded myself for panicking and fell back in my seat, hoping no one had noticed my momentary lapse in sanity.

"Looks like you made a good impression," Nate raised an eyebrow at me, probably wondering why I hadn't mentioned that I had finished. At least he hadn't spotted the crazy look in my eyes just moments earlier. It's just a painting, calm down! I shouted internally. But I still couldn't concentrate on mrs Devonshire's praises, and instead continued to sneak glances at Nate out the corner of my eye.

Nate caught me staring and grinned, "can't believe you drew me that big, my easel looks tiny" his eyes twinkled and I rolled my eyes.

"Compared to you your easel is tiny," I knew he was just joking but I noted that he looked pretty chuffed at my appraisal, and it gave me butterfly's that I had that - or any- effect on him.

"I can't help tall," he laughed,

"Tall isn't the word I'd use, how tall are you?" I furrowed my brow, still slightly amazed at his height.

"6"6... And a half,"

"A half?" Who cared about halves when you were giant sized?

"That half an inch is the only thing that separates me from Seb," Nate explained, pouting a little.

"And your personality's... which are pretty much worlds apart," I added.

"Not completely, do you remember what I first said to you ... About my brother having the affliction of losing his brain around pretty girls?"

"Well it was only a few hours ago," it came out so easily but I found myself finding it hard to compute that I'd known this boy such little time and already I felt such a heavy connection between the two of us.

"Well, I have the same problem, like right now, all I keep talking about is my height, when really I should be asking you what your plans are after classes. Yes, defiantly a connection, which I felt all the way to my toes and back again. I wanted to make stupid noises and dance, but instead I twirled a stand of hair around my finger before replying- "I have a feeling your about to tell me," something I'd fantasised about saying over and over.

And now I had... This school was awesome.

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