Stay With Me

When Hannah and Hayley move to London for college, their world gets turned upside-down.


25. Chapter Twenty-Five

Hayleys POV

I woke up to Liam getting out of my bed. I looked over at my clock and it was 8am. What the hell is he doing up? I didn't really care so I just fell back asleep, only to be woken up by him kissing my forehead. 
"I'm going to my match. I'll be back later." I just nodded not caring. I heard the door shut and fell asleep. It must've been a few hours when I heard yelling from downstairs. 
"You fucking bastards!"-Liam. I rolled my eyes and put my head back down on the pillow. After a few minutes Liam stormed in.
"You won't believe what just happened?"-Liam. I lifted my head up and looked at him. 
"They fucked on the mat!"-Liam. 
"Hannah and Harry fucked on the mat where I just had a match! I fought where they fucked!"-Liam. 
"Wait a second. Did you go down?"-Me. He looked at me and nodded .
"Go take a shower!!"-Me. He nodded and ran to the bathroom. I laughed and decided to get up. I climbed out of bed and walked down the stairs. 
"How pissed is he?"-Harry. I shook my head and laughed. 
"He's a little grossed out."-Me. He laughed and pulled Hannah closer to him. 
"So you really fucked on the mat?"-Me. 
"Hell yeah we did."-Harry. I gave him this nasty look. They both laughed. Liam came down not too long after. He glared at them and scoffed then walked over to me and pulled me towards his side. Batman ran downstairs and started barking. I sat down on the floor and started playing with him. I grabbed toys and threw them across the living room and he would grab them but not give them back so I would have to grab him and tug them out of his mouth. Liam laughed at me. Harry then got a call from Louis. Once Harry answered he walked into the kitchen. He came out and looked at liam. 
"we have to go to the house. They had a party last night, and the house is wrecked!"-Harry. Liam looked at harry like he had two heads. 
"You made me clean up all you're damn rose petals and condom wrapper! You can clean the house up."-Liam. Harry groaned. 
"Fine help me for like a half hour?"-Harry. Liam gave in. They both left Liam gave me a kiss and promised to come back. Harry probably did the same. Once they left Hannah and I decided to go to the mall. We both had to get ready. I walked to my room and picked out my clothes. I grabbed my bra and panties and then a pair of ripped skinny jeans with a grey v-neck t-shirt and a purple floral print infinity scarf. I walked to the bathroom and took a shower. After that I got dressed put on my makeup. Just some concealer eyeliner and mascara. I walked downstairs and put on the Television and watched Teen Wolf until Hannah was ready. Batman came and sat on my lap. He licked my face and I laughed. I put my nose to his and he kept licking me. I put him down and then Hannah came down. I shut the TV off. I grabbed my car keys, my wallet, phone, and sunglasses. We walked to the car and Hannah plugged her phone in for music. We stopped at Starbucks and got our drinks then headed to the mall. We walked in and looked around for stores we wanted to go into. We saw Wet Seal first. We went in and bought a couple outfits. I love this store. We left the store and walked around looking. 
"Do you see any stores on this floor?"-Me. Hannah shook her head. 
"Damn this place sucks."-Hannah. We went on the escalator and went to the second floor. First store we saw was Victoria's Secret. Yeeess this is my obsession. Before we walked in I got a text from Liam. 

From: My Favorite Brit<3
Where are you? :( 
Me: Mall with Hannah. I'll be home in an hour or two! (: 
My Favorite Brit<3
I wanted to cuddle :/
Me: Cuddle with Batman. He's a very cuddly dog. I think he cuddles better than me. 
Liam: impossible. But I'll let you go. Have fun. :*

We looked around and Hannah walked over to the lingerie. 
"Ooh la la Hayley. Get some of this for Liam."-Hannah. I shook my head. 
"I would never wear that."-Me. 
"Well you will now. I'm buying this for you."-Hannah. I rolled my eyes. I found one for her and then grabbed some bras and panties and all that fun stuff. I got some yogas, sweatshirts, and sweaters as well. I went to check out the lady smiled and started scanning my items. She came to the lingerie and smirked. 
"That'll look fantastic on you. Have fun." Hannah looked at it and blushed knowing it was for her. 
"Thanks but it's for her. Payback." the lady laughed and nodded. I paid and then Hannah and I went out to eat. When we got home only liams car was in the driveway. I walked in with my bags and put them down on the chair. I walked over to liam and sat on his lap and kissed his cheek. 
"How was shopping?"-Liam. 
"Good. But very expensive."-Me. 
"How much did you spend?"
"500. Give or take some money." I looked at my lap. I looked up and liam looked shocked. 
"oh but I got you a couple shirts that I thought you'd like."-Me. I handed him the bag and he looked at the shirts. He thanked me with a kiss. 
"oh liam did Hayley tell you what she got at Victoria's Secret?"-Hannah. 
"I got Hannah some lingerie."-Me. 
"and I got her some."-hannah. Liams eyes widened. 
"Hayley. Let's go upstairs."-Liam. He seemed very... eager. Hannah smirked. 
"Have fun up there!"-Hannah. I rolled my eyes. Liam picked me up and ran upstairs with me, after grabbing the bags of course. We got to my room and he threw me down on the bed. He gave me a kiss and then whispered telling me to go put on whatever Hannah bought me. I kissed his neck once and then went to the bathroom. I took my clothes off and put on the very skimpy outfit. I put my other clothes in a laundry basket and was about to walk into my room when someone came in through the other door. Shit. I totally forgot to lock both. Harry was just standing there looking at me. 
"Harry!?"-Me. He snapped out of his thoughts. 
"Stop looking at me! Get out!"-Me. He quickly left. I changed back and then I walked out into the hallway harry was standing there in shock. 
"You were checking me out."-Me. 
"Was not."-Harry. 
"Whatever you say curly." I walked into my room harry right behind me. Liam was under the covers naked... 
"Hey bab- Harry."-Liam. He quickly changed his words and covered himself a bit. 
"Eww."-Harry. He left. 
"At least you didn't check him out too!" I yelled behind him. Liam looked at me confused. I sat on the bed.
"Never again. I'm not putting anything like that on ever again."-Me. Liam pouted.
"Get some clothes on and come downstairs."-Me. I gave him a kiss and then went downstairs. Hannah was laughing at harry. I sat down and liam came down not long after. 
"I can't believe harry walked into the bathroom."-Hannah. She was laughing so hard. 
"Really?! Harry saw you in it and I didn't!?"-Liam. He grabbed me and pulled me over his shoulder. 
"Oh harry! Hannah has some too!"-Me. Liam put me into the bathroom and I locked both doors this time. I changed again and walked into my room. Liams eyes widened. 
"Holy shit."-Liam.  
"You okay?"-Me. He nodded. Before I knew it he was in front of me. He kissed my lips and then lifted me up so I wrapped my legs around his waist. Then he laid me on the bed. He took his shirt off showing off all his muscles and his amazing body. He kissed up and down my body. Removing all of the little clothing I had on. He started sucking my hip leaving a mark. I let a moan escape my lips and I felt him smile. He kissed back up my body connecting our lips again. I kissed his chest leaving a mark right in the middle. Then my hands reached his sweatpants waistband. I tugged at them and he removed them along with his boxers. We finished making love and we cuddled. Liam kissed my cheek. 
"You need to wear that more often."-Liam. I laughed and hit him. My phone started ringing. I grabbed it and saw my mom was calling. 
Me: Hello? 
Mom: Hi, could I stop by today. I miss you girls. 
Me: Of course you can. I miss you too. Is it just you or dad too? 
Mom: Just me. So I hear you have a boyfriend. Will he be joining us? I really want to meet him. 
Me: yes he will. Along with Hannahs.
Mom: Perfect. 
Me: Are you staying for dinner? 
Mom: Sure that'd be lovely. 
Me: Alright. Well I'll see you later. Let me know when you're coming over. Love you.
Mom: Love you too. 

Liam looked at me and smiled. 
"You're staying over for dinner."-Me. 
"Only dinner?"-Liam. 
"No. As long as you want." He kissed my nose and then I decided to take a shower. I got up and went to the bathroom. I turned the water on and got undressed. After my shower I threw on a pair of leggings and one of Liams sweatshirts. Liam and I walked downstairs hand in hand. 
"Han, my mom is coming over later. We need to cook her dinner."-Me. She nodded. 
"what are we making?"-Hannah. I shrugged. I picked up Batman. 
"What do you want Batman?"-Me. Liam shook his head. 
"Liam come to the store so i can pick something out?"-Me. He nodded. We left and then went to the store. We were looking around and found  chicken and corn. We bought everything we needed.  We got back to the house and Hannah went into the kitchen to help me. We got the chicken ready and started fixing the vegetables. Hannah was making a salad. Then the doorbell rang. I ran to the door and my mom was standing there. I gave her a hug and then introduced her to Harry and Liam. Hannah came out and gave her a hug. My mom looked a little weird when she saw liam and Harry. I had to question it. 
"Mom? Can we talk in the kitchen?"-Me. She nodded. 
"What's wrong?"-Me. 
"They seem bad."-Mom. 
"They are supposed to be the 'badboys' of school but trust me they are far from it. Harry bought us batman and liam is literally the sweetest. Hannah and I are so happy. We haven't been this happy in forever."-Me 
"I believe you. I'm happy you're happy."-Mom. I hugged her. The buzzer went off and  I took the chicken out of the oven. I yelled to everyone telling them it's dinner. Everyone got their food and then sat down at the table. I sat next to Liam and Hannah on my other side. My mom was at the head of the table. Harry was next to Hannah of course. We were all talking and my mom was getting along great with liam. I'm so happy. 
"So Hayley, I was looking through some stuff at home and I found a video of you and Hannah when you guys were younger."-mom 
"What video?"-Hannah. I looked at Hannah confused then both of our eyes got really wide. 
"I brought them over for you girls."-Mom. Hannah and I both started making hand signals telling her no. Liam and Harry looked at us. 
"Let's watch them after dinner."-Liam.
"Let's not."-Me. 
"Because. You don't need to see that."-Me. Hannah put her hand on her head. We finished eating and then Liam dragged us all to the living room. 
"Now. Girls. Time to watch this special video." -Liam. My mom laughed and put it in the DVD player I grabbed a pillow to cover my face from the embarrassment. Hannah did the same. All of a sudden I heard Hannahs voice. 
"Hello! Welcome to Hannah and Hayleys Fashion show! I'm Hannah and this is Hayley! Enjoy!" I heard harry chuckle a little. We watched the video Hannah and I cringing at what was on the tv. At one point Hannah fell and you heard my dad ask if everything was okay, we both yelled at him because we thought he was ruining the show. Then my mom came and I let her in. I thought Hannah was so hurt. It was adorable but not to me because it was me being made fun of by liam and Harry. Once it ended i was so embarrassed. I wouldn't look up. Liam started poking my sides.
"LIAM! Stop it" I laughed. He laughed and kissed my cheek. My mom had to leave so I walked her out and gave her a hug. 
"Come back soon with dad."-Me. She nodded and left. Liam and I decided to go up to bed. I laid in bed and Liam came next to me. He gave me a kiss. 
"You were so cute!"-Liam. I shook my head with a smile on my face. He laughed and then we cuddled up and I fell asleep. I'm so glad my mom liked Liam. I was scared she wouldn't. 

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