Stay With Me

When Hannah and Hayley move to London for college, their world gets turned upside-down.


19. Chapter Nineteen

Hayley's POV

After dinner at a nice restaurant Liam and I headed to the party. It was only a few streets down from where Hannah and I live. When we got to the party it was around 8:30. Liam stayed by me closely, his arms always being around me protectively. We found the other boys and girls and walked up to them. I gave them all a hug. El and Perrie got Liam and I drinks. Since I was a lightweight, I savored it as long as I could. Liam and I danced a little, his hands always rested on my hips. I had one more drink and Liam had more obviously because he can handle them better. Niall and I were fooling around all night whenever Liam was getting drinks or talking to people. Niall is definitely like my best friend. Liam was sitting next to me once again with his arms around me. I tried standing up, but he held me tighter.

"I just have to go to the bathroom."-Me.

"Hurry back."-Liam. I nodded and gave him a kiss. I walked upstairs looking for a bathroom. I finally found one and no one was in it. Thank god. I did what I needed and before stepping out I checked my hair and make up and walked out, bumping into someone accidentally.

"I'm so sorry."-Me. I looked up and it was Niall.

"Hey Hayley."-Niall. He laughed.

"Oh it's just you."-Me.

"Can I talk to you?"-Niall.


"I need to tell you something."-Niall.


"I like you so much. I have since I met you. I know you're with Liam, but I can't help it. I tried keeping it in but I can't. It could just be because of the alcohol, but I don't know. I really really like you."-Niall. What the hell? Please tell me I'm hallucinating. Before I could respond Niall put his lips on mine. I tried to push him off of me but I couldn't. He was too strong. I heard footsteps then they stopped right before me and Niall.

"What the fuck!?"-Liam. Niall let go and looked absolutely scared.

"Liam it's not what it looked like. Let me explain."-Me.

"No! I saw enough! I should've known you'd do something like this. All girls are the same. They build you up and make you look like an absolute idiot! I thought you were different Hayley I really did. But the first chance you get you make out with my best friend. Real classy. I'm done. We're done."-Liam. I was already crying. The tears were streaming down my face and I could taste the saltiness. He stormed away and Niall looked at me.

"Hayley I-" before he could say anything else I slapped him.

"You could've told him you came on to me! How stupid could you be Niall!? That's your best friend! And he thinks it's all me! What a coward."-Me. I stormed off and made my way to the girls and other guys. Liam was gone.

"What happened?"-Louis. I was still crying.

"Can you take me home please?"-Me.

"What's going on?"-Zayn.

"Niall kissed me and Liam saw but didn't let me explain and left."-Me. I sobbed.

"I'll take you home."-El. We walked out and Liam's car was gone. I got into Els car and she drove me home. We didn't say anything. I walked into the house and saw Hannah and Harry's shirts. I laughed a little and sat down. Hannah walked downstairs not too long after and came over to me.

"Hayley, are you okay?"-Hannah. I shook my head, and then looked up at her. When I looked at her I lost it. I started bawling my eyes out. She quickly hugged me and let me cry on her shoulder. After a few minutes I calmed down a tiny bit, enough for me to tell her what's going on.

"What's going on?"-Hannah.

"Liam.. Left me."-Me.

"What? Why?"-Hannah.

"Niall, told me he liked me and then kissed me. I didn't kiss back and tried pushing him I swear! But Liam didn't see that. He just saw Niall kissing me. He told me that he should've known and that we're done and then he left."-Me.

"Oh god. I'm so sorry. If he didn't let you explain he doesn't deserve you. You can do better." -Hannah.

"But what if I can't. He was so sweet to me. He was amazing and now he hates me!"-Me.

"He doesn't hate you, he was just shocked. If you saw him and el kissing even if it wasn't him, you would get mad too."-Hannah.

"Yeah but I would let him explain himself and not just jump to conclusions!"-Me.

"I know. But he was shocked Hayley. I'm not saying what he did was right. Just give him time he will come around."-Hannah.

"What if he doesn't?"-Me. Harry came downstairs.

"Sorry if I'm interrupting but I.. Errmm.. Need my shirt.."-Harry. I laughed at his awkwardness.

"You're fine..sorry for interrupting your.. Whatever was going on when I came in."-Me.

"You didn't interrupt anything."-Hannah said.

"Eww."-Me. Harry laughed.

"I'll go back upstairs now."-Harry.

"You don't have to, I don't care if you hear the conversation you're bound to hear it anyways."-Me. He nodded and sat next to Hannah.

"Anyways.. Liam will come around, I promise. Besides you didn't do anything. Niall did!"-Hannah.

"Yeah I know that! But Liam doesn't know that."-Me.

"I'm confused. What's going on?"-Harry.

"Niall told me he liked me and kissed me. He wouldn't let me go and I tried pushing him off and then Liam came up and saw and freaked the fuck out on me. He didn't let me explain and broke up with me."-Me.

"Oh shit."-Harry.

"Oh shit is right. Harry you are now my favorite."-Me.

"Yes! That means I'm not on the shit list anymore!"-Harry. Harry, Hannah and I stayed up all night talking until around 3. We have school tomorrow.. I went to bed but before I did I texted Liam.

To: Liam

I'm sorry. But what you saw wasn't what you thought. I'm not like that I promise. What can I do to get you to believe me? I'll do anything. I just.. Miss you.

I fell asleep after setting my alarm. I woke up the next morning feeling like shit. Liam hasn't answered me and my eyes were all red from crying and I looked like death. I straightened my hair and put on a pair of black sweats and a pink long sleeve crop too with a pair of black sandals. I put on cover up trying to hide my bags and making me look not as terrible. It sort of worked. I wasn't in the mood for any more make up. I felt like crying again, but I didn't. I grabbed my bags and walked downstairs. Harry and Hannah were talking in the kitchen. I walked in and went to the fridge. I grabbed orange juice and poured myself a glass.

"How are you doing?"-Hannah.

"Fine."-Me. Harry just raised an eyebrow.

"What!? I'm fine."-Me.

"Mhm."-Harry. I rolled my eyes and finished my orange juice. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my keys and bags and headed out to my car. I got into my car and started the drive to school, dreading seeing Liam and Niall. I got there and saw all the guys and girls standing in the normal spot, Liam and nail being farthest away from each other. I saw Perrie and el walk over to me.

"You okay?"-Perrie.


"Liam's upset. Trust me."-El. I looked at him and saw him looking over. I put my head down the girls took me over and I just stood there awkwardly waiting for Hanna and Harry to arrive. Luckily a few minutes later they did. Hannah stood next to me and Harry on the side of her on my other side was el and Perrie. Liam was across the way. I was on my phone until it was time for class. I walked to class and sat down Liam sat beside me in out seats and the lecture started. I kept feeling Liam stare at me. I looked over at him and he just looked away. End of class struck and I went up to Liam.

"Can we please talk?"-Me.

"There is nothing to talk about. You cheated and we were dating for not even a day."-Liam.

"If you let me explain then you would realize I didn't cheat on you."-Me. He just walked away. Lunch time came and I sat next to Hannah at lunch. Everyone was quiet.

"How has everyone's day been so far?"-Hannah.

"Golden."-Me. Liam kept giving me nasty looks I just wanted to cry.

"Okay, I've had enough. Liam apologize to Hayley. You don't understand what happened."-Hannah. Liam looked at her like she was crazy.

"Harry tell him."-Hannah.

"Niall told Hayley he liked her and then kissed her she tried pushing away but then you walked up and flipped out. Trust me I heard it all last night."-Harry.

"Sorry."-Liam said nonchalantly. I scoffed he didn't say anything to me after that. It was time for practice and the boys went to where they needed and Harry and Liam said bye to us. Liam is so fucking bipolar I don't get it. Hannah and I went to practice I guess there is a game tomorrow. We had to stay a couple hours later than normal and had to run 3 miles. Luckily we had to do it together. Practice ended and we went home after stopping at subway. I saw Harry and Liam's cars in the driveway. What the hell? We walked in and I saw the cutest little dog sitting there. It was a black and white pomsky puppy with blue eyes. I looked at Harry and he smiled.

"I got him for you guys since I knew how upset you were last night aaannddd because I know you guys wanted a puppy."-Harry. I gave him a hug.

"Thank you so much."-Me. He laughed.

"What's his name?"-Hannah. She was petting him and he loved her.

"That's for you to decide."-Harry. I was thinking and Hannah was just looking at him.

"How about peanut? He looks like a peanut. Since he's small and stuff."-Harry. We shook our heads really fast and looked at him like he was crazy even Liam gave him a weird look

"I've got it!!"-Hannah.

"Oh lord."-Me.

"His name is.. BATMAN!"-Hannah.

"I love it!"-Me.

"Do you really?"-Hannah. I nodded and laughed.

"You say no to peanut but yes to batman. Wwooww."-Harry. Liam and Harry looked at us weird "batman. Really? That's what you get?"-Liam.

"Um yeah. Batman is kickass and our dog is kickass. Perfect name."-Me. Harry laughed at us and we kept arguing back. After awhile we decided to eat. Hannah and Harry shared her subway. I was not sharing mine with Liam. Liam was sitting there awkward.

"Why are you even here? To try and make me feel worse when I didn't even do anything?"-Me.

"I want to talk to you."-Liam. Harry and Hannah got up and walked upstairs awkwardly. I was sitting on the couch and Liam on the love seat.

"Okay so talk."-Me.

"I'm sorry. I was a total dick and I didn't let you explain but I should've."-Liam.


"I'll let you explain now. I won't interrupt or anything.."-Liam.

"Okay.. So I went to the bathroom I walked out and bumped into Niall. He told me he needed to talk to me so I said okay obviously.. He said he liked me and then kissed me. I tried pushing him off me but you didn't see that. Then you walked up and then left before I could explain. Then I slapped Niall and yelled at him and went home."-Me.

"So you didn't feel anything at all?"-Liam.

"Of course not!"-Me. I was getting defensive.

"I'm so sorry. I should've let you explain. Im scared that I could lose you any minute because you're so beautiful and amazing so when I saw you with Niall even though it was him.. I freaked out and thought that I did. So I left you before you could leave me. I wanted to spare the heartache and make you feel bad. But I know that's wrong."-Liam.

"If I were in your position I would've done the same thing.."-Me.

"Really? Or are you just saying that?"-Liam.

"Really. I really like you Liam. I would never leave you unless you gave me a reason too and you haven't. And I most definitely wouldn't cheat on you."-Me.

"So you forgive me?"-Liam. I nodded. He gave me a kiss.

"Will you be my girlfriend again?"-Liam. I nodded.

"Duh"-Me. He laughed and gave me another kiss. We talked for a little longer and then I did my homework and we went to bed after I took a shower of course. Batman slept with me tonight. He was so fuzzy. He's adorable I love him already. Thank god Liam and I are okay now. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if we hadn't made up.

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