Stay With Me

When Hannah and Hayley move to London for college, their world gets turned upside-down.


5. Chapter Five

Hayley's POV

I was peacefully asleep when I kept hearing my name being called.



"HAYLEY."-Harry. All of a sudden he slapped my arm.

"What the hell Harry!?"-Me.

"Good morning to you too."-Harry.

"Why'd you wake me up?"-Me.

"We all are going to the beach. Do you and Hannah want to come?"-Harry.

"Ill go but you might want to ask Hannah."-Me. He nodded and left. I got up and went into my bathroom. I turned the shower on and undressed myself. I felt the water to make sure it was warm enough. I stepped in and let the hot water run down my back. After a couple minutes I started washing my hair. Then I washed my face and body. I shaved my legs knowing that I was going to the beach. Then I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked into my room and put on my favorite bikini. It was a purple cheetah print top and black bottoms. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on a pair of black jean shorts and a tribal heart crop top. I grabbed my phone and sunglasses and then walked downstairs everyone was ready. Harry was about to walk upstairs to get Hannah up.

"Hayley I'll just drive Hannah to the beach. You all can get going now." -Harry.

"It's fine we can wait."-Me. Hannah would hate me if I left her with Harry. Even though I feel that she may be opening up to him in a very weird way.

"Hayley seriously it's fine. I'll take her."-Harry. I just gave up.

"Fine."-Me. Everyone else walked out of the house. I grabbed my beach bag and walked to the cars.

"What cars are we taking?"-Me

"Nialls and Els."-Perrie. Zayn Louis el and Perrie got into Els. So that left me Liam and Niall going in Nialls. Niall got into the drivers side and Liam took shotgun. I hopped in the backseat. Liam plugged Niall's phone in. Liam and Niall started singing terribly. Once the song ended they were both laughing as was I.

"I think you guys should stick to boxing and soccer."-Me.

"Don't judge us."-Niall

"Well I'm definitely judging."-Me.

"Hey! It's not nice to judge!"-Liam. I shrugged.

"Oops. My bad."-Me. We all just laughed. For a group of bad boys that aren't that bad. After a few minutes of listening to music and being quiet, Liam turned on Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo. This was my song. I was singing and dancing crazy along with Niall. Once it ended, I looked up and saw Liam just staring at us speechless.

"Why so shocked?"-me.

"I can't deal with you guys."-Liam. I laughed. After 15 minutes Niall pulled into the beach. I got out and grabbed my bag. We all walked and found a spot on the beach. I laid out my towel next to El who had hers next to Perrie. I stripped down to my bathing suit. I just sat down on my towel at first and the boys started walking towards the water. I have to admit Liam had some nice abs, boxing really did good for him. But Niall had a nice body too, and so didn't the others. Damn. I laid down tanning until Hannah came. She was definitely mad at me for not waiting. But then Harry randomly came and grabbed her and brought her to the water. All of us girls looked at each other and were very confused.

"Do they like each other?"-El.

"Hannah hates him. And it seems like he hates her too.."-Me.

"Hmm.. Weird. Oh! I forgot to ask you something!"-Perrie.


"Well since you and Hannah used to be cheerleaders, do you guys want to join the cheer squad with me and El?"-Perrie.

"We can talk to Hannah when Harry brings her back!"-Me. After a couple more minutes Harry brought Hannah back. She looked so annoyed. Once Harry left we all laughed at her.

"It's not funny he's so annoying."-Hannah.

"Well anyways el and I want to know if you want to be on the cheer squad with us!?"-Perrie. Hannah looked at me.


"Don't we have to tryout?"-Me.

"Nope. Two girls just graduated, and we need two more. Trust us."-El.

"Okay! When does it start?"-Me.

"Like a week. When school starts."-Perrie. The boys walked over and sat on their towels. I laid down on my stomach and started tanning my back. I kind of wanted to go swimming.

"Hay! Want to go swimming with me!?"-El.

"Sure."-Me. I stood up and el and I walked to the water.

"Liam was so checking you out."-El.


"When you got up! He hasn't kept his eye off you."-El.

"El, he definitely isn't my type. My type isn't the bad boy image."-Me.

"So you don't think he is cute or anything?"-El.

"His body is hot, and his tattoos are too. But I'm not attracted to him."-Me. We were in the water just fooling around. El tried dunking me under. I screamed and flipped her over causing her to go under. All of a sudden I felt someone grab me and lift me up. I looked and saw Niall. I grabbed onto him for dear life.

"You scared me you dick!"-Me. He laughed.

"Oops." -Niall. He put me down and then Liam joined.

"Whatchya doin?"-Liam.

"Niall scared me."-Me. Liam just laughed.

"How dare he?"-Liam.

"I know right!"-Me. We all fooled around until El and Niall decided to get out. Liam and I stayed in.

"Let's go out deeper."-Liam.

"How deep?"-Me.

"You'll see."-Liam. I rolled my eyes and we went out. I got to the point where my whole head would be under the water if I tried touching. Liam was still standing on his tip toes.

"Why are you so tall?"-Me.

"I don't know?"-Liam. He laughed. I looked back at everyone and we were really far away.

"Get on my back since you can't touch."-Liam. I hopped on his back and wrapped my legs all the way around him and put my head in the back of his shoulder. We were out for a good 20 minutes and then we started swimming back. We got back to the towels and everyone was talking. I sat down and we were all talking for a long time. When the sun was about to go down we all decided on going home. We washed off all of the sand and then got in the cars going home. I sat in the back again but this time Liam sat in back with me.

"I have to be all alone?!"-Niall.

"Niall, we are right here. Don't be a baby."-Me. I was getting tired and fell asleep and somehow my head ended up on Liam's shoulder. Once we got to my house I felt someone carry me. I looked and it was Liam. He put me in my room. I just slept for the rest of the night. Today was fun, I really like the boys.

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