Stay With Me

When Hannah and Hayley move to London for college, their world gets turned upside-down.


1. Chapter One

Hayley's POV

"No not right there, there!" -Me. My best friend Hannah and I are moving in to our new condo today. We are bringing all the boxes, and furniture inside. El, Perrie and Hannah brought in the love seat and put it on the opposite side of the living room.

"Well sorrryyy." -Eleanor.

"Well then get your ass over here and help us and stop complaining." -Hannah.
"Nah, I'm good right here, I like being the supervisor." -Me. Perrie looked at Eleanor and both their faces lit up.

"Why don't we just have the boys come over and help?" -Perrie.

"What boys?" -Me.

"Don't worry about it, I'll just go call them." -Eleanor. Eleanor left the room and walked to the kitchen.

"Well, since you are making us move it again, go get the other boxes left." -Hannah. I rolled my eyes.

"Don't even, this couch is heavy." -Perrie.

"The couch isn't even in here yet, its a love seat." -Me.

"Fine, you take my spot and I'll get the boxes." -Hannah.

"Deal, less I got to do." -Me. Hannah walked outside and I took her place moving the love seat, it was heavier than I thought. Eleanor walked back into the living room to help us move the love seat again.

"The boys are on their way to help us." -Eleanor. Perrie and I nodded. Hannah came back in with a couple boxes, she put them down and glared at me. I sweetly smiled at her and she made a very weird noise. Hannah walked towards the door and as she was about to open it there was a knock. Hannah opened the door and saw the boys standing there.

"El, your boys are here." -Hannah. Then she walked out going to grab more boxes.

"Ignore her, she's just mad Hayley is making her grab boxes." -Perrie. Hannah came back in with two more boxes. The blonde one walks over to her and grabs one of the boxes. The other two went up to Perrie and El.

"Alright babe, what do I need to do?" -The one with the quiff.

"You and Lou need to go and get the couch and put it next to the love seat." -Perrie.

"Make sure you don't put it in the wrong spot, Hayley will have a fit." -Hannah.

"You put the love seat in the worst place ever, not only did it look terrible, there was no spot for the couch either!" -Me.

"Whatever, I'm just going to grab more boxes."-Hannah.

"I'll help you."-The blonde one.

"Of course you will Niall, it 's the easiest thing."-The one with the quiff.

"Zayn, shut up." -Niall. Niall walked out of the house going to grab boxes with Hannah. Zayn and Louis went to get the sofa. Once the sofa and the other small furniture was in, it was time for the beds and dressers.

"Okay, I'm calling Liam and Harry. They can practice later."-Niall. Niall goes to the kitchen to call them.

"There's more of you?"-Hannah.

"Hannah, you can' t just say that! Don't mind her she woke up early this morning."-Me.

"They aren't happy about it, but they're on their way."- Niall.

"You just interrupted two boxers. Did you think they were going to be happy?"-Zayn.

"Lovely, two pissed off boxers. Just what we need!"-Hannah.

"Just go put stuff away."-Me. I started hanging up pictures and decorating the living room. After about 10 minutes Hannah came in.

"I'm almost done putting the dishes and silverware away." -Hannah. I nodded and then the doorbell went off. Hannah walked out of the living room and to the door.

"Boys! Your boys are here and they look just ecstatic to be here!" -Hannah.

"Hannah! Don't be a bitch!" -Me. I walked over to her.

"Sorry about her. She doesn't think before she speaks." -Me.

"Curly hair. What's your name?"-Hannah.

"Why do you care?" -Curly hair.

"That's Harry. I'm Liam." -Liam. They came in and Hannah kept scowling at Harry.

"Harry, Zayn go help Hannah with her room." -Perrie.

"Why him?" -Hannah.

"Hannah stop. Just take the help please." -Me. She growled.

"Did you growl at me?"-Me. She rolled her eyes and went to her room. Harry and Zayn carried her bed. Liam and Niall helped with my bed and Louis carried in the blankets and pillows. Niall and Liam put my bed where I wanted it and then I made it how I wanted it. Then Zayn walked in and gave me a look.

"What's wrong?" -Me.

"Harry and Hannah are fighting again." -Zayn. I laughed then walked into Hannahs room.

"No my bed is going on that wall!"-Hannah

"Well it's on this wall so it's staying here."-Harry. I rolled my eyes at Hannah.

"What? He's being a dick!"-Hannah

"Well I wouldn't have to be a dick if she wasn't such a bitch." -Harry. Zayn walked back in.

"Zayn do you mind helping me put my bed in the RIGHT spot?" -Hannah.

"Um.. Sure. Id rather not be called a dick today."-Zayn.

"Zayn you get called a dick every day." -Harry.

"Oooh, we got the bad boys in our house." -Me. Hannah and I started laughing.

"You have no idea." -Niall. Liam came in and stood next to me watching Hannah and Harry go at it again.

"Damn where's the popcorn?" -Niall

"I know right." -Me.

"Can I leave yet?"-Liam


"What?! I just had to leave practice for this!"-Liam.

"You didn't even have to come in the first place. I didn't ask for you to come. We didn't care if you came or not."-Me.

"Trust me if I wanted you here I would've asked. Curly is fucking annoying."-Hannah.

"Fine. Bye." -Liam. I rolled my eyes. Harry and Liam were walking towards the door.

"El, Perrie don't forget party tonight."-Harry.

"Oh yeah! Hannah Hayley want to come??"-El.

"Umm.. I'm not so sure." -Me.

"Hayley you can come. Hannah not so much."-Harry.

"You know what? We'd love to."-Hannah. Harry grunted and him and Liam left. Douche bags. Today has been pretty interesting already.

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