WTF: A Collection of Random S**t

A bunch of random stories/things/moments/thoughts about/from me. This includes lots of opinions; if you can't respect them then don't read. #WholikeMinecraft :P


1. Here goes nothing...

This is pretty much going to be like a journal or diary so be prepared! Introducing, myself! A.k.a XxKittyxX


Thursday, June 26, 3:51 PM- Entry 1 :)

So, my life is pretty boring. I wake up, watch youtube, play Minecraft or the Sims, listen to music, rewatch episodes of Sherlock, Teen Wolf, and Doctor Who, then I sleep. Sometimes I read, draw, or write stories. Yeah, like I said boring. Or at least to some people. I love it.

I tend to be a bit passive when it comes to people, probably because most people annoy me so I let stuff roll off me like water. I pretend to be a total badass, even though the chair at the dining room table can kick my ass on a daily basis. My best friend is my cat, Angel. She is the one thing I know I can always count on. She's laying next to me as I type this. She's so pretty. :)

I live with both my parents. I have two brothers and no sisters, which explains why I'm not very girlie. My older brother moved out a few months ago; I've seen him probably twice since he left. He never calls or texts, but I still love him. My little brother is annoying, but so am I, it's in the job description. He is always in my room on our Xbox 360 playing with his friends. I don't have any friends that like to play video games, in fact I'm surprised I have any friends at all.

I'm not allowed to see any of them outside of school, cause my mom's a little over protective. Some people don't understand that and I get invited to stuff all the time, not that I mind, it just I always get the same response. No. Then I get a long explanation on why I can't go. My dad tries to help me reason with her, but still nothing. I know it hurts peoples feelings sometimes, but it's out of my control. Most of my friends have given up, as have I. 

She's strict on a lot of things actually. She won't let me have games for the computer. I'm forced to play Minecraft and the Sims on my Xbox, because she says it will mess up the computer or that I need to get something that can support the gameplay. I've asked for my own computer as a combination of a birthday and Christmas present numerous times. She tells me if I do certain things she'll consider it, but when I do those things she claims that she never said that. I guess she thinks it's just a phase, but its not. I've wanted to play Minecraft and Sims on the computer since I began watching Youtubers play them.

Speaking of Youtubers, I LOVE SkydoesMinecraft, CaptainSparklez and AndrewArcade. I also watch:











Mr. Woofless






TheBajanCanadian and


Most of them play Minecraft, but AndrewArcade and PewDiePie don't play it. Some of the ones that do play Minecraft like CaptinSparklez, Vikkstar123HD, and NoochM play other things too. Even if they have different channels for it.

Well that's all I have to say for now. Until next time...

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