Three Houses For Mickey Mouse

Movella treats can be rather spooky, like mechanical houses that act kind of kooky. So plan to read on, and let's take a looky!


3. House 3

The rays of the morning

Added sunlight,

Greeting Mickey Mouse

With a warm, friendly sight:

A little wood house

That needed some paint.

It wasn't quite perfect,

But still, it was great.

"Aww, we could stay here--

Just for a while,"

Said Mickey to Pluto

With a wry little smile.

Later that night,

All warm in his bed,

Mickey Mouse snuggled up

As sleep came to his head.

The furnace, it clanked

And rattled and shocked.

The shutters, they flew,

They slammed and they knocked.

The wind, it did whistle,

'Round the chimney it moaned,

But Mickey didn't stir,

For he knew he was home.

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