The Almost Perfect Summer

16 year old Star Robertson was never really the popular girl. She was very unusual and didn't have many friends. Plenty of people didn't like her. She was bullied, she self harmed, she overdosed, she was suicidal, she was alone trapped inside her own scary mind. She felt that everyone even her family neglected her. But when a tall handsome guy named Nivek comes in to her life will she change for the better or the worst.


7. Chapter 7

          I found a shady spot under a huge tree and just lied there.  I had so many questions spiraling throughout my mind.  Who are "they"?  Who has he been with this hole time?  What exactly is he in trouble for?  Why was he leading me on?  Why did he decide to put me through all this pain?  What did I ever do to deserve this pathetic, sad, lonely, little life?

          I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I felt that all my tears were just gone, like I had none left.  My heart was shattered.  I felt as if I had nothing to even live for.  I wanted to hate Nivek but I for some reason couldn't.  It was like his named was branded on my heart.

          I pulled my pocket knife out of my back pocket and just starred at it debating whether or not to cut.  I understood it was stupid and I knew it wouldn't solve any of my problems but, sometimes I just felt I needed to.  I opened it and pressed the cold blade lightly on my skin.  Before I pressed the blade down into my skin I felt someone grab the hand in which I was holding the knife.  I looked back and saw Nivek.  He looked like he was crying.  I ripped my hand out of his grip and got up. 

"Leave me alone," I said sounding as if I had been crying.

           I walked far out into the woods hoping eventually he'd stop following me, but he never did.  I heard every step of his following mine.  I felt as if I had been walking for centuries.  Why couldn't he leave me alone? 

           I started getting really hot and tired.  My legs were trembling, my head was spiraling, I started twitching, I felt extremely dizzy.  I started stumbling everywhere, I could barely walk straight.  I couldn't even see straight. All of a sudden everything went black.

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