The Almost Perfect Summer

16 year old Star Robertson was never really the popular girl. She was very unusual and didn't have many friends. Plenty of people didn't like her. She was bullied, she self harmed, she overdosed, she was suicidal, she was alone trapped inside her own scary mind. She felt that everyone even her family neglected her. But when a tall handsome guy named Nivek comes in to her life will she change for the better or the worst.


5. Chapter 5

          I woke up super early that morning.  It was 5:00 in the morning.  I grabbed my phone off my nightstand and saw that I had 9 unread text messages from Nivek.  They were all from 10:00 to midnight.  They all read...

"im sorry I wasn't in class"

"i had things to take care of"


"im sorry"

"don't worry about me though im fine"


"I will see u tomorrow"

"im sorry babe"


          Why was he acting so strange?  He usually was layed back.  I wondered what he "had to take care of"? I looked on my weather app and the high for the day was 93 degrees.  I picked out black ripped up short shorts and a Five Seconds of Summer crop top with my black vans.  I spent a lot of time straightening my hair, I was a bit of a perfectionist.  I got a text from Nivek that said, "Do you need a ride to school?"

I usually just walked but I wanted to find out what he was up too so I said," Sure."

He arrived at my house at about 7:15.  I got into the car and looked at Nivek.  His hair was a mess his face was scraped up and he didn't have that adorable goofy smile on his face.  He looked sick or like he had been in a fight.  I was really worried about him. 

"So why weren't you in class?" I asked.

"I told you I had things to take care of," he replied in a sarcastic tone.

          I looked down at my lap and just started picking the old black nail polish off of my finger nails.  The drive felt like it took forever.  When we got to the school I didn't even look back at Nivek, I got out of the car, slammed the door, and just walked away as fast as I could manage.  I walked over to my friend Josh and talked to him about Sophia's party, which we all planned to crash.  Nivek came up to me and hugged my waist from behind.  When I looked at him he looked happy.  Like nothing was bothering him compared to when he was sitting in the car and he looked like he was about to murder someone.  What was up with him?

          Nivek started walking me to my first class.  When we were almost to my class Sophia ran up behind me and shoved me down.  When my face was about 6 inches from hitting the ground, Nivek caught me and pulled me into his arm and with his other arm he grabbed Sophia's shirt and pulled her ear close to his face as he whispered, "Just try something like that again and see what happens."  He shoved Sophia away and his back pack fell off his shoulder.  I reached down to pick it up for him when I noticed tons of pills, joints, needles, and a pipe fell out.  I looked up at him and he looked in shock.  I picked up everything of his really quick and shoved it back in his bag.  I handed the backpack to him and walked to my class alone.

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