The Almost Perfect Summer

16 year old Star Robertson was never really the popular girl. She was very unusual and didn't have many friends. Plenty of people didn't like her. She was bullied, she self harmed, she overdosed, she was suicidal, she was alone trapped inside her own scary mind. She felt that everyone even her family neglected her. But when a tall handsome guy named Nivek comes in to her life will she change for the better or the worst.


4. Chapter 4

     After my first date with Nivek he was texting me after school non stop, and talking to me all science class.  On Thursday I noticed him sitting completely alone at lunch so I went over to sit by him.  "Where's all your friends?" I asked. 

"What friends?" he replied. 

       I felt horrible had I really been so clueless.  I grabbed his arm and dragged him to where I sit.  Nicolle, Issac, Josh, and Quintin were sitting there.  They had been the only real friends I had since the 8th grade.  Nivek sat next to me and everyone just stared at him.  Nicolle had a disgusted look on her face.  I hadn't really talked about Nivek to any of them except a little bit to Nicolle but she didn't seem to care for him all that much.  I introduced him to everyone while he just sat there with his goofy smile pasted across his face. 

     After lunch I went to PE with Nicolle and Quintin.  We started jogging laps around the gym when McKenzie and Sophia came behind me and started pushing on my back and stepping on my heels.  "Your so slow," "Hurry up," "Move fat ass,"  I looked behind me and they were all smiling like idiots.  I sped up a bit then, as fast as I could, I stopped.  Sophia fell on top of me, then McKenzie on her, then came the whole rest of the bitch parade. 

         All the people in the gym laughed and I didn't even care because it wasn't specifically me they were laughing at.  Everyone was staring at Sophia and McKenzie's crew.  I was so happy that they were the butt of that joke.  Quintin helped me up and we just finished our laps around the gym pretending that nothing had happened.  Everyone spread dike jokes around school about Sophia and McKenzie.  It was hilarious!  Even a picture of them in Middle School kissing each other on the cheek was now on the internet.

        I went to science and was surprised not to see Nivek there.  Did he get sick I wondered.  He seemed fine at lunch.  I snuck out my phone and texted him, "where r u???" I asked.

              Class started and I put my phone in my desk on silent hoping he would respond soon. 

      By the end of class I still had no response from Nivek.  The next day was the last day of school so I was bound to see him then and ask where he had been. 

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