The Almost Perfect Summer

16 year old Star Robertson was never really the popular girl. She was very unusual and didn't have many friends. Plenty of people didn't like her. She was bullied, she self harmed, she overdosed, she was suicidal, she was alone trapped inside her own scary mind. She felt that everyone even her family neglected her. But when a tall handsome guy named Nivek comes in to her life will she change for the better or the worst.


2. Chapter 2

         I got out of class and ran to Nicolles locker.  When she showed up there I told her all about Nivek and how I got his number.  She didn't really seem interested in him which made me upset because all I could do was think about him and all I wanted to do was talk about him.  I was completely obsessed with this boy who I barely even knew.  Nicolle and I walked down the hallway till she got to the point where she went to her bus and I went to the place outside the school where I hid my longboard.  My longboard was pretty old and scratched up with tons of stickers on it.  I put in my headphones then went home listening to the sound of Die Antwoord, Kreayshawn, and My Chemical Romance.  When I got home I quickly dodged my grandparents, who I had been living with since I was 8 years old, and went to my room.  My room was a wreck as usual. I threw my binder and books on the floor then jumped into my bed.  I stared at the ceiling debating whether or not to text Nivek.  I didn't want to seem to eager even though I completely was.  I couldn't help myself I texted, " Hey Nivek its Star :)" 

      After sending it I thought to myself really Star smiley face you act like a 2 year old. 

I got a reply back almost immediately.   It said,  " Hey :) What r u doin?"

" not much just bein bored wbu"

" Well im just sitting here with these two movie tickets and no one to go with *sigh*"

"bummer" I replied

"well u can always come with me if u wanna"  he replied.  I was so excited when I read that I almost fell off my bed.

" sure " I replied.

"k ill pick u up in an hour"

I ran down stairs to my gramma.  "Im going out tonight" I said.

"With who?" she asked sounding stubborn.  " just my friend," I said already half way up the stairs.  I thought I looked fine in what I was wearing so I didn't bother changing I just fixed my makeup and brushed my hair.  I had been straightening my hair and doing my make up for so long that I hadn't even noticed that I had a missed call and 3 texts from Nivek.  That's when I heard it.  I ran out my door and looked down the stair way to see my grandpa, grandma, and Nivek all standing there... LAUGHING!  My Grandparents do not laugh. They are miserable. What the hell?!?!? I walked down stairs and my grandparents laughter went dead silent.  But Nivek just kept laughing and talking away.  He was so cute.

        He walked me out to his car.  It was a black Mustang! My dream car! Im in love!  He opened the door for me and helped me in.

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