Stay with me

"Deep down I know this never works, but you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt"


1. 1.

“Babe we have arrived” his silky voice rips me out of my dream. I open my eyes and try to focus on the boy in front of me. His arm is wrapped around me, and his lips near my ear. Oh god please let me wake up like this forever. “How long was I asleep?” I smile tiredly, when I finally see him clearly. “Two hours babe, you went out like a candlelight” he smiles his sexy smile that I just adore so much. “I was so tired” I laugh and look into his green eyes “You look gorgeous Madison, even when you just woke up” I laugh again at his cheesy compliment. “Well thank you, your not so bad either” I run my hand trough his hair, he laughs and flicks his hair back like an old diva. “Is this your first time in Denmark?” he intertwines his finger with mine, “Yes I am so excited” I look out of the window and see Copenhagen’s streets flow by. “Are you ready to get out then? I arranged to get a room just for us” he winks at me. I roll my eyes at him “How thoughtful Mr. Styles” I say sarcastically, he puts his hands up in defense “Hey I just wanted to get us some privacy, I mean do you want to share a room with two guys?” he nods in Niall’s direction, who’s still asleep. “Thanks babe” I smile and kiss his cheek “Hmm one more” he mumbles with closed eyes, I giggle and lean in again. But this time he grabs my face and presses his lips against mine. I playfully punch his arm “Hey” I laugh. “Now I’m satisfied” he smiles and gives me his cheeky look. Our car stops, and I can hear screams outside “How do they manage to always find you?” I say and shake my head “They are better than the FBI” he laughs “Come on” he takes my hand. “Niall wake up, we are here” he shakes Niall who blinks confused a few times but then laughs. “Oh I can hear that”. Harry opens the car door, and we are surrounded by security. The screams of the fans are so loud, I smile at the thought of them being so excited about One Direction being here they love them. And I know, that the fans know that they love them just as much. Harry has a firm hold on my hand even when he writes autographs. He is so protective. A few girls yell my name, and I smile their way and wave my hand. I am so awkward I never know what to do. “Thank you” I hear Harry say, before he drags me inside the hotel. I love that he always thanks the fans, even though I know how tired he sometimes is, he is always committed to his fans. When inside and safe I give him a light kiss on the cheek, he smiles brightly “What was that for?” “Oh well, I guess I just really like you” I pull my shoulders up as it was nothing. Harry takes me by surprise by lifting me up “You know how much I like you then?” he laughs while spinning me around “Harry yes, please let me down, I feel like a little baby” I laugh with him “You are my baby Madison” he stops and puts me down, I feel a little dizzy but my heart is racing. How can it be that he can make me feel like that? He kisses me on the forehead “Come on now, lets unpack”.

The hotel is gorgeous. We get a big suit just for the two of us. “This is enormous” I look into the different rooms, a big bedroom, a bathroom with a bathtub and shower and a huge living room connected to a little kitchen. “It is bigger than my old apartment” I say while thinking of my very first apartment back in London that I had a year ago. So much has happened since. “Do you want to go out and eat?” he says while taking our bags into the bedroom “I don’t know, I let you decide” I say before entering the bathroom, I need a warm shower “How about we just order something from the restaurant? It’s so much easier and we can snuggle on the sofa as well” I hear him yell trough the door “Sure babe, I’m just getting into the shower, so I probably can’t hear you!” I say before stripping down my clothes and turning on the shower. This is the best feeling ever. Okay maybe second best. The best feeling is to know, that I got Harry, he is all mine, his love is mine, and my love is for him. Might sound cheesy but it’s the truth I love him with all my heart. I turn around and start to shampoo my hair. Before I even hear him, I feel him standing behind me “Let me help you baby” his voice is like honey, sticky and sweet. I close my eyes as he starts to massage my scalp and spread the shampoo in my hair. The smell of the shampoo and his scent is overwhelming. it feels like the temperature went up t least 30 degrees. His hands travel down from my hair to my neck and down to my breast he softly cups one of them, pleasure runs through my body. His other hand travels even further down. As he makes contact with my sensitive spot, I let out a moan, his mouth is all over my neck now, teasing, sucking and licking. “You are so beautiful Madison”, he whispers into my ear. The sensation going on is amazing, and taking all over my senses. He turns me around so I can face him “Did you hear me? You are beautiful”, he says again penetrating me with his intense look. I grab him by the neck and pull his face onto mine. Kissing him, he forces his tongue inside my mouth exploring every inch. He lifts me up against the wall and enters inside me stretching me to the maximum. He stays still to let me adjust. His hair is wet, and I tangle my hand in his curls, Harry lets out a deep moan from his chest, and slowly starts moving. He buries his face into my neck and picks up the speed. He digs his hands into my thighs. I’m always surprised on how easy he can pick me up. I let my hands run over his arms, muscles tense. He is so hot. I can start feeling a knot inside my stomach, and my breathing starts getting faster. “Come on Madison let go” he mumbles breathless. The feeling is overwhelming, and I dig my nails into his skin while saying his name. He lets out a loud moan as well, and we come at the same time. He slowly pulls out and puts me down. I feel like my legs are made out of gel. He smiles at me, and I can’t help but smile back “Let’s get you cleaned up beautiful” he says and once more grabs the shampoo bottle.

He helps me wash my hair, and I help him. I love to run my fingers trough his hair. There aren’t so many curls anymore, but when it’s wet, they are more obvious. We finish to clean ourselves and he turns off the shower. He hands me over a towel, always a gentleman. And we dry our wet exhausted bodies. Just as I got my bathrobe on there is a knock on the door. “Probably our food, I am starving!” he says excited and goes to open the door. I go into the living room, and turn on the big plasma TV on some random movie. He comes back, and the room is filled with a delicious smell. He goes into the kitchen and pours a glass of wine for the two of us, and comes back to sit beside me on the sofa and hands me a plate. The food looks amazing. We eat in silence, it’s not a bad silence it’s a silence that happens to come when you are so happy that you don’t even have to say anything. Just being together is enough. The taste is so good, and soon we are finished with our meal.  And he puts his arm around me “Life can be great” he says, and causes me to smile “Yes” I just simply answer and take his hand. “I’m so happy that you could come to Denmark, I enjoy to have you around” he nuzzles his face into my brown hair. “Of course silly” I laugh and poke him in the stomach. He kisses me gently. The feeling he gives me is like electricity running through my body. Giving me this feeling I can’t describe. “You are probably the only one that can cheer me up” he looks right into my eyes, and I feel like his eyes are absorbing me, this magnificent green color. “I’m glad to hear that, and you know that you are the most important person in my life” I smile before giving him a light kiss. Our earlier activity and the jetlag I have, causes me to feel very tired and heavy. Harry puts his arms around me “Are you tired?” he asks amused “Mmmh” is all I can say, he chuckles and picks me up “Well then I have to take care of you”. He lays me onto the bed and puts the sheets over me. At this point I can’t even keep my eyes open. He kisses my forehead “Goodnight love” he whispers, the last thing I remember is an angel-like voice that sings for me, and two strong arms wrapped around my body.ŸŸ

The next morning I wake up alone. His side of the bed is already cold, so I wonder where he is. I discover a letter at the end of the bed Good morning beautiful, I’m out with the boys I’ll call you later. –Harry oh okay, well it’s almost 1 p.m and I know that the first concert is tonight, so they probably have a lot to do. I decide to call Harry instead so I quickly grab my phone and dial his number, it only rings to times before he picks up “Hey Madison, you’re awake” he sounds so happy, I can’t help but smile. “Yeah but why didn’t you wake me up before you left?” he knows that I like to be awake before he leaves. “You were so tired yesterday, so I thought a little more sleep wouldn’t hurt” he says, I imagine him running his fingers trough his hair. “It’s alright, thanks. Were are you know?” I hear noise in the background, but it has become a part of my day, screaming fans and paparazzi everywhere. “We are already at the soundcheck” “Oh okay, when do you want me to come over?” “I’ll send Paul to go and get you in an hour, is that alright for you?” I hear Louis voice in the background followed by Harry rudely telling him to shut up, causing Louis to burst out laughing. Which can only make me think of that Louis came with one of his comments about Harry’s and my sex life. “Yep I’ll see you there then” I smile “You’re smiling. Can’t wait to see your little pretty face” his voice is sweet, how does he know that I actually lay smiling in bed? “You too boo” he giggles, he always does when I call him that, I know that he loves it. “Bye babe” he laughs “Bye” and he disconnects. Okay I need to hurry up and get ready. It doesn’t take as much time to shower alone, than it does with Harry. I quickly put on some skinny jeans and a white top, my absolute favorite combination. I put my hair up in a high ponytail, and put on some make-up. Doing winged eyeliner is a craft itself. Because I know that they are playing tonight, I decide to put on my black Louboutins that I got from Harry for my last birthday. I actually don’t really like to know that he uses so much money on me, but he does not listen if I tell him, so I learned to just deal with the expensive presents he buys.

My phone rings, it’s Paul “Hey Madison are you ready to go?” his deep voice sound always nice and happy. “Sure I’m down in a minute” I grab my bag and I’m literally running down the stairs. I see Paul standing in the big lobby, if you don’t really know him, he can look scary sometimes, with his massive muscles and sunglasses. He is standing with his back to the glass door, and the fans that are still waiting. He has his arms folded in front of him, and I guess from behind he looks very serious. But what they can’t see is the big grin on his face. “Good morning Madison, did you sleep well?” even with my high heels he is almost a head bigger than me. “Fine thanks Paul, good to see you again” “Ditto, let’s go” he puts his hand on my back, and leads me outside. Screaming fills the cold morning air. I smile at the fans, and wave at them. Paul opens the car door and let’s me get in first, before he enters himself. A little time after the car starts rolling. “Are you enjoying Denmark so far?” he takes of his sunglasses, and looks so much more relaxed. “Yes it’s wonderful here, I haven’t seen so much of the city yet though” he says looking out of the window “You’ll have time for that tomorrow” he smiles. It didn’t take long before we have arrived to the big stadium they call ‘Parken’. There are already some fans waiting, and the paparazzi are also here. But I have to say that the Danish paparazzi are way more respectful and keeping their distance instead of mobbing the boys. We drive to the back, and I can already see their busses and staff members. Paul opens his own door, while I unbuckle my seatbelt, and then opens my door. “Thanks Paul” he even takes my hand to support me while I stand up. It’s not easy to walk in heels! “Come on I’ll lead you to the boys” he nods in the direction of the big back entry. I follow him, and we get inside. Everybody is busy and yelling orders to each other. It’s insane to be right here. He leads me to the wardrobe and I can already see Louis leaned up against the wall lazily texting on his phone. “Hey Lou” I smile and walk towards him. “Maddi” he screams and quickly embraces me in a tight hug. I laugh I simply adore him so much. “How are you doing?” I ask him, he still has me in a tight hug. “Much better now” he says and we let go of each other. “Aww, are you enjoying the trip so far?” I look around the busy people while asking. “Yes I love to play for our fans” something tells me that he is not telling me everything. “Lou? What’s the matter?” I ask him again, while looking into his eyes. He looks around to be sure no one is around. “I guess you have seen that video of me and Zayn smoking right?” he looks so sad, that’s what’s bothering him. “Yes” “Well I didn’t know if I should tell you or not” he looks to the ground, something is wrong “Please tell me” I beg, and he sighs.

“Well you know I’m really scared to sing sometimes, so many people wrote negative stuff, and we received so many letters, tweets, messages etc. were they wrote so many nasty things. We lost a lot of followers and fans. But you know what Madison? I don’t enjoy anything more than doing what I love and make people happy. But I am actually still just myself. I can do what I want, and the same goes for Zayn. We were having fun like any other person, but because we are famous it is a big scandal. The media went crazy. We tried it once, and it was to escape the pressure that lies on us everyday. You know I’m exhausted, and I’m sorry to say it, but I’m just very tired of everything. And what hurts me more than all the hate we’ve gotten, is to see pictures of young girls, and boys that actually cut because of what Zayn and I did. Madison they cut because of me, I’m causing them to hurt their own bodies. I-I just can’t” and just like that he breaks down in tears, I have never seen him cry. Poor him, I can fully understand him.  I put my arms around the crying boy in front of me. And he stains my white t-shirt with his tears. “Louis I’m so sorry to hear that. I can fully understand you, I know that it was probably a bad idea to do it, but hey you know what? It’s your life, and it was your own business. The media feeds on every mistake you make, but you know what? Fuck them. You don’t need the ones who leave you, when it gets rougher. If they knew you, they would stop. If they knew how much you work for everything, and how much passion you put into it, they wouldn’t judge you on one mistake” I try to calm him down sooth his pain. “I’m just so tired” he says and steps back, before leaving into his room and letting me stand there alone. “Madison there you are” I hear Harry’s happy voice from behind. I slowly turn around and his smile vanishes. “What’s wrong?” in two quick steps he his close to me, and taking my hand in his. “Have you spoken with Louis lately?” I ask him and he shakes his head. “He feels very bad about the smoking thing, he feels that he let everyone down, and I’m really worried about him, the only thing he kept repeating was that he is tired” I say and I feel the tears in my eyes. “I didn’t know that, I mean it was really bad that he did it, I don’t even like to think about how much he has changed” Harry says, he kind of looks like he doesn’t really care “Harry he is…was… your best friend. I mean I wouldn’t like you to do drugs either, but Louis really is down about it” he rolls his eyes “Come on I would never, Louis was stupid for doing it and the same goes for Zayn. They deserve to know how wrong it was” I raise my eyebrow. Back in the days he would’ve been upset on their ways. And probably known that it bothered them before me. But everything seems to have changed about their relationships. “Harry come on we both know that it is a lie” Louis harsh voice, surprises the both of us, he heard us, that can’t be good. “Louis don’t do this right now, don’t make this about me” Harry sounds harder than he uses to I’m surprised by the tone of his voice. “Oh you haven’t told her?” Louis lifts his eyebrow I look over at Harry “Told me what?” Harry sighs, “Nothing Madison, Louis please another time, we are about to get ready for the show” he tries to take my hand, but I refuse he looks surprised “No Harry tell me, what is he talking about?” Harry looks uncomfortable, and Louis smirks, and leaves us again. “That idiot” he mumbles, I’m getting really angry “HARRY” “Madison, you promise you won’t get mad?” he looks over at me “No Harry I won’t promise anything, what did you do?” he doesn’t dare to look me in the eyes “I was in the car too, and smoked with them. They just didn’t caught it on the camera” he says. Oh wow didn’t see that one coming “Gosh Harry I thought that you cheated on me!” I throw myself in his arms. He seems to relax immediately “NO! I would never babe, I love you and you know that!” he laughs, and I laugh with him, thank god. He lets go of me and I look him in the eyes seriously “But that doesn’t mean that I think it was a good idea to do it, and you should keep your distance to drugs” I say, and he smiles “I promise” “And I also think that you should talk to Louis, he needs you now” I say while caressing his cheek “I promise” he says and kisses my forehead. He takes my hand “Now come on I need to get dressed for the show, you are welcome to watch” he winks and I giggle “I would love to handsome”. We both laugh and he leads me into his dressing room.  I think I love him… 


-Hey guys, so finally I tried to start another Movella but this time in english. I hope that you'll like this one, and comment if you want me to continue to write on this one. That's all. Happy reading x Selina.

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