Vampire... Who? Me?

read to find out


1. I thought it was safe.

~Kamryn's P.O.V~

I was walking home after work. Oh by the way my name is Kamryn and I am 19 I have blackhair and grey eyes. Well, I was walking home and there was an alley that led to my house and me being the lazy person that I am decide that I am going to walk through it. Then out of nowhere these five boys show up. "who are you?" I asked shaking. Then the curly haired boy stepped forward and said "We are your worst nightmare love." Out of pure shock I started to slowly back away and then I ran into something which turned out to be a someone a blond haired boy. then the rest of the boys crowded around me and the last thing I remember is a searing pain in my arms and neck.    

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