Dirty Little Secret

Heyy. I'm Reann Styles pronounced Re Anne . i have the weirdest first name. Probably one of the reason he hates me. Back on topic, yes i am Harry Styles' little sister but big whoop. I don't think you understand my conundrum. Or that word. I hate being his sister because he hates me, trys to cut me out of his life, tells no one about me etc... Hence 'Dirty Little Secret'. I had Dark brown curls but i bleached it and made it my own personal rainbow along with straightening it every day, I naturally have olive green eyes but i wear purple or red contacts every day, I love vampires and hybrids but none of that twilight shit, my favorite color is black then crimson then royal blue. So enjoy my horrible life in story form :D. Oh i'm just a little ray of sun shine


3. The Advantage

Reann's P.O.V

I stand at his door hiding from being seen inside. I just listen to Harry and Gemma talking. I stay till the end. Once i hear foots steps i silently run back to my room and sit on my bed. Woah. So, let me get this straight. Harry is a total dick because he is in love with me. WOAH.


I wake up and remember last night but then an idea hits me. This gives me an advantage. I walk to Harry's room in just my knee socks undies and large t-shirt . I knock on his door and he opens it, shirtless and his sweatpants hanging low on his hips.

"Hey Harry" i say, my voice subtly sensual as i run my finger down is bare, tattooed chest and i feel him quiver from my touch. I bite my lip as my finger touches the waistband of his sweats. I push him in his room and shut the door. I can see his pants get tighter. This feels so wrong but it's fun to mess with him. I push him against the door and kiss his neck and i hear him whimper and i pull away and palm his crotch and i see him bite his lip and bend his head back. I stop and pull his chin down and stand on my tippy toes and peck his lips and leave as well as winking as i walk out the door. I walk back to my room and sit on my bed. What a rush. I definitely have the advantage.

Harry's P.O.V

I hear a knock at my door and i get up to answer it. I open the door and see Reann standing there. She is only in an over sized t-shirt and Knee high socks. God she looks sexy. Knee socks are a giant turn on oh my god. She runs her pointer finger down my chest and i shiver from her touch. Her finger runs all the way down to my sweats. She pushes me strongly in to my bedroom and she shuts the door. She grabs me and pushes me into the door. Strongly holding me there. I could feel my pants becoming tighter. She kisses my neck and all i can do is whimper. I'm not strong enough inside to be strong outside. She begins to palm me and god I've wished for this for years. I bite my lip to stop from moaning and tilt my head back in pleasure. Suddenly she stops and she pulls at my chin making me look at her. she pops up onto her toes and pecks my lips, and pulls me away from the door and walks out and winks at me as she leaves.

"Woah" i say out loud and fall onto my bed.


sorry for the short ass chapter but :/

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