Dirty Little Secret

Heyy. I'm Reann Styles pronounced Re Anne . i have the weirdest first name. Probably one of the reason he hates me. Back on topic, yes i am Harry Styles' little sister but big whoop. I don't think you understand my conundrum. Or that word. I hate being his sister because he hates me, trys to cut me out of his life, tells no one about me etc... Hence 'Dirty Little Secret'. I had Dark brown curls but i bleached it and made it my own personal rainbow along with straightening it every day, I naturally have olive green eyes but i wear purple or red contacts every day, I love vampires and hybrids but none of that twilight shit, my favorite color is black then crimson then royal blue. So enjoy my horrible life in story form :D. Oh i'm just a little ray of sun shine


2. Re meeting my sister

Harry's P.O.V

The limo drops us of at our house at about six in the morning. Me and my mates hop out and walk up to the door and I pick up the spare key from under the garden gnome with the purple hat and unlock the door. I walk in leading the boys to the spare rooms they are staying in. I walk to my room and drop my bags then walk down stairs and cook breakfast for everyone. I made pancakes and put a giant stack on the table for everyone. I see Gemma walk down the stair and i run up and hug her. She hugs me back but when she releases she instantly turns serious

"You should check on Reann." She says to me . 

"Why. All she is a 15 year old piece of scum unworthy of my attention" i lie.

"Why are you such a douche to her she is your baby sister. She needs brotherly love Harry. Love her" She says to me, if only she knew why i am so horrible to her. I am actually deeply in love with her, I know it's wrong and incest but i can't help it. We use to be close but once i got these feelings i knew i couldn't be friends with her anymore. I remember when she had a boyfriend named Jake and she was so sad of something i did that she called him in the middle of the night and they slow danced in the backyard listening to a song on her ipod. So i wrote the song 'I Wish' about her. The boys think it was about a school crush because that's what i told them when they questioned it. I walked up to her room and shut the door and put her alarm on for eight, It being seven thirty now. i brushed some of her hair off of her cheek not paying attention to anything but her face and kiss her forehead, then in the moment i pecked her on the lips and i felt sparks and shivers all the way down my spine. I sat and watched her peaceful sleep for a couple of minutes then pecked her lips again and in the heat of the moment i caress her side. My lips linger for a while, bringing back old memories of before I was famous. I slip my hand under her shirt as i remove my lips from hers. I run my hand up her stomach and on to her right breast and grope it and i can already feel my skinny jeans getting tighter. So i stop and run to the bathroom splashing my face trying to forget it.

"Snap out of it Harry. It'll never happen!" I say to myself in the mirror and leave downstairs to see all of my mates and Gemma sitting at the table eating pancakes 

"I see you guys like them" I say and sit down next to Gemma.

"I checked on her" I whisper.

"Did you like the new her?" She questions me but before i could answer Reann walks down the stairs beautifully and sits next to me subconsciously and plays on her ipod. Wait I just noticed all of the differences of her appearance in the light. She has a fringe now and her hair is red but you can she her chocolate roots, she looks gorgeous but i can't let anyone know

"What the hell happened to her?" i ask Gemma but she just shrugs and murmurs 'rebellion' 

"Great rack on her" Niall says as she sits because she has both earphones in. 

'Yeah she's our maid. She's changed since I've been gone" I say and Gemma just stares at me and i make a just go with it face.

"Great catching up guys" She says and leaves and goes upstairs

"Does she do whatever we ask her" Louis questioned

"Who?" i ask in response

"The maid" he replied back

"Yeah." i say back not really here. Reann gets up and goes to the kitchen and comes out with oreos and goes to the living room. I walk up to my room and sit there for a while and then i hear amazing violinist work and i follow the music to Reann's room and stand in the doorway listening and then she suddenly stops and turns around smiling and i feel like melting my jaw hanging.  Once i snap out of it i see that adorable smirk plastered on her face

"What do you want?" she asks me as she sits on a spinning desk chair and spins around to face me after taking apart her amps and shit.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU BITCH?!" I yell trying to stop my feelings from wanting to jump at her and kiss her adorable smirk fulled face

"Love you too bro" She says and gets up and pats me on the shoulder sending shivers down my spine as she walks past me and out of the room but i subconsciously grab her arm and stop her

"What now?" she asked me annoyance in her voice so I quickly think of an excuse

"You are not aloud to socialize to my friends. They are high class celebrities and you are scum. Got it!" i say getting closer to her face wanting to kiss her tender, plump lips but knowing i can't

"Fine i'll go along with your little plan but i want you to know it's only because i don't want them knowing we're related" She snaps at me and blinks then walks away down stairs and i just stand their for a while then leave to my room i just stay there thinking about how and when to tell her and fell asleep and for the first time for a while i dreamed about her that night


"Hey Hazza" Reann says as she runs up to me through the long grass in the meadow and kisses my nose. She is wearing a beautiful white summer dress and a red flower crown with red ribbons. She has her natural brown curls and green eyes like me. I pick one of the red flowers surrounding us and give i to her

"Red is the color of love and the blood that's pumped by the heart of mine that loves you so" i say as she smells it but a swarm of bees come and attack the flower and then her flower crown and her and i see her laying there lifeless and i scream seeing her there paler then ever and not moving. I fall onto my knees beside her and suddenly she shrivels up into nothing and i just cry and scream

"WAKE UP" i here multiple voices scream 


I am jolted awake at everyone in my room hovering my bed trying to wake me up and Gemma as shaking me awake i sit up sweating tears rolling down my face.

"Why is everyone in here?" i ask in my husky morning voice even though it is about 2 am.

"You were having a nightmare Harry" Gemma said

"I know" i murmured and Gemma and Reann stare at me. Everyone left except Gemma.

"Look harry. I was in hear before everyone and i heard you talking in your sleep. You said 'Red is the color of love and the blood that'd pumped by the heart of mine that loves you so'. What does that mean Harry?Who were you talking about?" She says seriously to me.

"Look. I was keeping this a secret from the world until the time was right but i have to tell you. Your my twin." i say to her in one breath

"Go on" she replies eagerness in her voice

"Promise me no matter how hard it is you won't tell anyone."

"I promise Harry" she says in a truthful voice

"I have a crush on someone. I have since before i left for X-Factor." I tell her and she just nods."It's not just an ordinary crush. I'm in love with her." she just nods again adding an 'mhm' "I'm in love with Reann." i say putting my head into my hands

"Our little Annie" she says a little taken back.

"You know our song 'I Wish'?" i ask her and she just nods

"I wrote it about her" i say and press my lips into a line. she puts her hand on my shoulder and leaves. I just lay down and fall in to a dreamless sleep.

Reann's P.O.V

I stand at his door hiding from being seen inside. I just listen to Harry and Gemma talking. I stay till the end. Once i hear foots steps i silently run back to my room and sit on my bed. Woah. So, let me get this straight. Harry is a total dick because he is in love with me. WOAH.



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