Teenage Runaways

Bella... a.k.a Isabella, is a 16 year old school girl who is devoted to her education. She sticks to the rules and obeys her strict parents 24/7. When an 18 year old, rebellious teenager moves to her city, it seems he knows a little bit too much about her.
"We all learn to make mistakes... and run from them."


13. Chapter 8 - Part 2

I walked inside the small house and Harry shut the door behind me, locking it. I stood in the hallway and watched as he slipped his shoes off and placed them on a wooden rack next to a pair of brown boots. He hung his coat on the peg next to the key hooks and ruffled his hair.

He gave me a small smirk before chuckling a little bit. "I'll be in the kitchen." and with that, he left me standing alone in the narrow hallway.

There were pictures hung up on the walls of whom I assumed was Harry as a baby and two men holding him in their arms. There were silver ornaments shaped as birds on the white shelf which also held a yellow and blue sign reading, 'Home Sweet Home'.

I slipped my bag off my shoulder and hung it on the hook next to Harry's coat, hanging my jacket with it. I kicked my shoes off and placed them neatly next to Harry's pumps. My hair was a little messy from the wind so I combed my fingers through it before placing it over my left shoulder. I fiddled with the ends of it as I found my way to his kitchen and stopped in the doorway. I found him resting on the edge of the sink on his elbows, with his back to me. His head was dipped down and his fingers were fisted in his curls. I coughed a little to get his attention and his head slowly moved up.

"Is it just us or...?" I asked, staying stood in the doorway.

"My dad will be home soon so... we don't have long." he replied, turning around to face me and standing straight.

"What about your mum?" I asked again.

"Bell..." he paused with a huge sigh. He walked towards me and as his hands pushed his hair back, I flinched and stepped back a little. "I wasn't gonna hit you... I don't want to hurt you." he told me, reaching for my hands.

I hesitantly placed my hands in his and he brought them to his face and kissed them softly. I kept eye contact with him and his eyes never left mine. He slowly moved my hands back down and brought them round the back of him, so I was hugging his waist. He cupped my cheek with one hand and his other played with the ends of my hair.

"I shouldn't have brought you here." he said quietly.

"Harry... tell me." I replied, hugging him tighter and bringing him closer to me.

His hands fell from my face and stroked down my arms, unlocking them and joining our hands together again.

"Bella... you wouldn't understand." he replied gently.

"Then make me." 

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