Teenage Runaways

Bella... a.k.a Isabella, is a 16 year old school girl who is devoted to her education. She sticks to the rules and obeys her strict parents 24/7. When an 18 year old, rebellious teenager moves to her city, it seems he knows a little bit too much about her.
"We all learn to make mistakes... and run from them."


4. Chapter 4

"Mum! I'm home!" I shouted as I walked through the front door.

"I'm in the kitchen!" she replied.

I walked into the kitchen and found her with a woman. She was blonde, a little taller than my Mum and was wearing a pink jumper and black leggings.

"Hi Bella. This is Amanda." my mum said, smiling.

"Hi, I'm Bella." I said to Amanda, shaking her hand.

"I just moved here with my son, Trevor, you might have met him?" she asked, as I stared at her mouth as she talked. It's kind of a habit of mine.

"Oh no sorry, I haven't met him." I replied, grabbing an apple and heading for my room.

I closed my bedroom door and sat on my bed. I was scrolling through Vine when my Mum walked in. 

"We're gonna do Fish Grill tomorrow night, your Dad's working late. I'm sorry darling." she said, kissing my forehead.

"It's fine Mum, There's no rush." I replied, smiling.

"Okay darling." she said leaving my room.

I shouted her back quickly. "Mum!"

"What is it sweetheart?" she asked.

"Does Miss Jones have a son?" I asked, thinking about him again.

"Miss Jones as in your headteacher?" she asked.

"Yeah, that Miss Jones."

"I have absolutely no idea darling. Why are you asking me this?"

"No reason. I just... no it doesn't matter." I began scrolling through my news feed again.

"Okay honey." she left my room and shut the door behind her.

A couple of hours passed and I was bored with Vine, so I decided to read my book.

"Darling! I'm going to the town hall for a few hours. Are you gonna be okay on your own?" my Mum shouted up.

"Yeah! See you!" I replied.

I heard the door close and I began reading my book. Maybe this will help me pass the time, seeing as though I had nothing better to do.

--------- 3 hours later ---------

I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. 11:58pm. Seriously? I've been reading for 3 hours straight... I think? I wiped my eyes and went downstairs to see if my Mum was home. No sign of her anywhere, but there was a note on the fridge. 'Gone to the town hall, won't be too long. Make yourself some supper. Love Mum.' I can't believe she has left me alone on my birthday. Oh well, I guess I could use the time to relax.

I plugged my IPod into the stereo and made sure it wasn't too loud. I picked Demi Lovato - Catch Me to listen to. I love that song! I turned it up a little bit and began dancing in front of the window. According to my parents, my dance moves were awesome, but I looked like a retarded chicken. I didn't care though, nobody was watching. Suddenly, there was a knock on the window and there was a guy laughing outside.

I ran to the front door and my face turned bright red as I opened it.

"Nice moves!" he laughed.

"I can't believe you saw me doing that... I'm so embarrassed!" I replied, trying to hide my face.

"No no, don't apologise! I'm Trevor." he said, shaking my hand.

"Oh! Amanda's son! I'm Bella." I replied, letting him in.

He sat on the couch and looked around the living room.

"You have any coke?" he asked.

"What?" I replied, hoping he meant the drink!

"Coca cola... do you have any?" he laughed.

"Oh! Yeah, hang on!" I laughed as I went into the kitchen and poured him a drink.

"Nice place!" he said, as I handed him his drink.

"Thank you. Where do you live?" I asked.

"Two blocks down. I'm here with my Mum." he replied, sipping his drink.

"Why did you move here?" I asked.

"It's kinda complicated." he took a gulp of his drink. "In my old high school, I was bullied... for being gay."

"Wait... what?" I choked.

"I'm gay Bella. Anyway, some pictures got out... of me and my ex-boyfriend... Zayn. They were spread around the whole school and by the time I found out about them, Zayn had committed suicide. I was distraught. I needed to get away, so I persuaded my Mum to move here." I could tell he was trying not to cry, so I sat next to him and put my arm around him.

"It's okay, I understand. And I'm totally cool with you being gay, I think it's great that you're so honest about it." I replied, trying to comfort him.

"Thanks. I thought you'd understand, my Mum told me you were quite the brain box and from being quite a nerd myself in the past, I know you can keep a secret." he said, smiling.

"You can trust me." I replied, downing the rest of my drink.

He walked over to my stereo and shuffled through the songs and quickly turning it over.

"I love this song!" he shouted, as he turned it up full.

He chose to listen to Ride by SoMo... it was quite sexual but it did put me in the mood to dance! We danced together and after a couple more songs, we were knackered! I slouched onto the couch and he sat on the floor in front of me. It was 1:30am and my Mum strolled in with my Dad.

"Bed." she told me.

"I'll see you tomorrow Bel." Trevor said as he ruffled my hair and left.

"Goodnight Mum!" I said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Goodnight Bel." she said, sarcastically.

I can't believe somebody actually wants to be my friend... maybe even my best friend!

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