Teenage Runaways

Bella... a.k.a Isabella, is a 16 year old school girl who is devoted to her education. She sticks to the rules and obeys her strict parents 24/7. When an 18 year old, rebellious teenager moves to her city, it seems he knows a little bit too much about her.
"We all learn to make mistakes... and run from them."


1. Chapter 1

Chemistry? Check. Biology? Check. Physics? Check.

I sorted my papers out into folders and slid them into my school bag. I had spent almost a month studying for my Science exam and I'll be damned if I'm gonna fail it. No distractions, no cheating, nothing... just total determination and self discipline. I seemed to have lots of that lately - self discipline - seeing as though my education meant more to me than anything. I barely had time for a real life, never mind a social life. The kids at school would rush to the canteen at lunch and eat together, laughing and joking... meanwhile I would be in the library catching up on a good book I haven't read in a while, eating my chicken salad. I had quite a fetish for healthy eating too.

I guess you could say I am trying to achieve the best for myself, to stand at the top and stay there. Not only did I want the best for my future, but I also wanted to impress my parents, make them proud of me. Mind you, when I was younger, they were always proud of me; entering me into spelling bees, maths trivia challenges, sometimes even chess tournaments. They just want what's best for me and I don't blame them. I'm an only child, so they have very little to be proud of. Since then, my whole life has been about satisfying them and meeting their expectations of me.

Oh... by the way, my name's Isabella, but my parents call me Bella. I live in Eden, South Carolina with my parents. I'm 16 and I attend the Eden Grammer Academy for Girls. It's a very high maintenance academy and only the top 50 smartest girls in Eden get to attend. In my life, I've achieved 12 athletic champion medals, 8 spelling bee trophies and 2 'checkmate' medals. My life is going exactly as planned and nothing can ruin it.



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