Zerrie's little Princess.


9. watermelon

Joys pov:

I cant belive he said yes! "Hi Joy" Amber says "omigosh the plan worked" Pat say "i know cool right? Now i have also a BF that i love" i say "well, bye bye girls i havta go home!" And byes and kissing were filled. At my midtracks Jerome stopped me "hi there cutie" he says "Jerome! What are you doung here?" I ask "well, at first i was going to prank Mick. Then i saw you" he explained "aw you notice me" i say giving him a peck at the cheek "bye bye love!" He says i blow him a kiss i run to my home and shut the door as i squeeled. Then the door knock open by my moms bedroom "well isnt this the Joy Edward Malik?" Oh god kidnappers "get away from me!" I demand "they just keep on moving towards me and i hit one of them in the ouchies "ARGH!" I ran as fast i could "HELP! HELP! Im-" i got a hand in my mouth and get pulled into a car but Jerome was there so is the other guys; Jerome, Alfie, Eddie amber and Patricia. They rushed towards the bad guys and fight the one trying to steal me had a gun and he pointed it to jerome as he pull the trigger i jump out of the car and block his way as i jump the bullet hit me in the chest and the last thing i heard was car screeching.

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