Zerrie's little Princess.


2. school!

Joys Pov:

RRRRingg. "Whoa! Its saturday Joy! No need to set the alarm!" I say, "aha! You wish! Its just friday sweetie one more day! Alright? Lemme make you some breakfast!" Mom said "ah. Ok mom! Im going to take a shower!" I say "aye aye capiten!" My dad now said "dad your butting in!" I complained "Joy! You are going to be late! Take a shower now." He said "okaykay Daddy." I say as he give me a peck at the cheek. Im 13 years old

Now, as im in the shower i singed 'piano' by Ariana Grande. At school im just treated the same, but sometimes i was needed to take a pic together! I sung some more and used my clothes, im using long jeans and a hoodie nothing overwhelming but under the hoodie is a rocking tangtop! So if i need to go somewhere awestuck changing will be so easy! "Ahh Joy! Hug meh." Eleanor greet me "Hi auntie El!" I greet her back and hugged her, "well um i should go to school now! I'll see you later auntie El!" I said "bye bye Joy, have a nice day" the three of them say "GAH Joy! C'mere" Amber and the rest of the girls says "hi gurlz" i said "ugh did you not miss us?" Amber said "Amb sometimes i wonder why dont you just join th diva queen girls?" Patricia says "we have been over this a..." Mara the geek pause "a percisely thousend times" as we all crack up "okay Mara, have you been charting us?" I ask "well yeah!" She said again, we crack up "okay patricia, even th-" amber started but i hold my finger in her lips "we know Amber, we know youve said this about.." I pause " A THOUSAND TIMES" we all said together "hey Mara, So how could you be so smart?" I ask "uhm the question is why do you have to be a smarty pants?" Patricia teased. As we arrived to school, Eddie BF of Patricia, came towrds her and kiss her "hey lovely" he greets her "oh! Peddie!" Amber scream "wait what?" Mara ask "a ship name! DUH" she scramble and hit Alfie her BF "hey Alfie.." She says " hi amber" and they kiss "BYE GALZ" they said together "BYE AMFIE AND PEDDIE!" I say Mara stared at me "ship names!" I shout Mara face palmed and stomped to Conor. And Jerome walk to me not my BF. "Hey Jeromeo!" I like to call him that "uhm um hey heyhey Joy! So listen up," he said "so Jerome sup?" I ask, well lets see im 15 and i have a boy friend who is out from this school "i just came to tell you that Mick is here!" He said "ow really? Okay thanks!" Then Mick came "Mick! I shout jumping up and down "Joy!" As i jump he catch me and swirl me around "i miss you," i said "i miss you more!" He said "no no no Imiss you more!" Jerome said using my tone of voice "come on Mick!" I said as he kiss me and turns into a make out session, "Bye Mick!" I said "Bye boo bear!" He shouts

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