Zerrie's little Princess.


4. oh my gawd

Joys pov:

"Im HOME!" I shout as i saw auntie El and the boys seating down "MOM?" She expleain that their going to be here for a couple of weeks "OK!" "Hi hi Joy!" Aunt Danielle says "hi!" "Ma can i invite Amber and Mara also Patricia here?" I ask her "surey doop!"


Our lil groupies

J: come 2 my house SOS meeting!

A: coming there ASAP! Just wondering what 2 wear?

P: NO time amber this is SOS!

A: ugh FUH-INE!


End as i walk to the door and all of them was there "MICK SUPRISED VISIT ME!" I scream "AAAHZ" were filled but Mara looks sad "whats wrong Mara?" We all ask her "i want to tell you but you will be mad!" She pouted "huh. Tell us or else Mara?!" I shout "MickdidntcomeheretosupriseyouJoyhecametosupriseme!" She said really long "oh! Joy why did he came fo you?" I ask "well it all started last summer," she explain the details "Mara, get out." I say blinking back tears "you heard the Gurl Mara! Leave!" Amber said Patricia was holding a jar- i wonder how she got that? And the jar spilled at Mara "oopsie doopsie! Im not sorry for that!" She said as i crack up and Mara stormed of crying.. And i drop to my bed and cried "i. Cant. Belive. It." I say "Joy, I HATE MARA!" The gurls says "yeah BF stealer.." I said as they laugh my door creak open "whats going on?" Dad ask "hi Mr. Malik! Im Amber Millington and im feeling the details" i cried some more "oh, Joy." "Do you want some food?" She ask "NO! Patric! I just ant to sing and cry and let it all out! The pain!" I whined "then do that! I could be your audience and be here!" She say i nod as if to say ok i got up and started to sing 'you & I' by my dad "oh my god, Joy your voice is beautiful!" She cheers "yeah thanks a lot." I said "ok yo dad knows about Mickey mouse" Amber said "what? I have to meet my parents now! So bye bye guys! Oh Joy, muah xx!" She says "uh ok!" I said "well tick tock i think Eddie is waiting for me! Joy, sorry i just got to go!" She pouted "its fine go PEDDIE!" I say.

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