Zerrie's little Princess.


10. Joy? are you okay?

Jeromes pov:

The bullet that wat to hit me hit Joy. "Joy!" I scream what boyfriend i am to let my girlfriend get a wound from savimg her boyfriend?? "Jerome.... You good?" Eddie says and Patricia slapped him "what was that for?" He ask "JOY HAS BEEN SHOT YOU IDIOT!" She scream and he realized Joy.

As soon as we arrive at the hospital, after the surgery we waited at her room "i have to call her dad and mom!" Amber whined "whatevs.." We all said as i crack a small smile. "Hello MR. Malik? Your daughter has been shot by a gun and now is in the hospital. The gun was owned by couple of bad guys who wants to kidnap her, if you want proof here ill send a photo." She send the photo. "Well he didnt take it harshly" she says.. The nurse came in to give check ups and suddenly Joy still unconcious hop all over not breathing "uh oh the bullet hit her lungs" the nurse says as she tried to give medicne and suddenly she just stopped "JOY NO!" The girls cried hysterically and her breathing went of the nurse still tried to try but she failed "im so sorry Joy cant make it.." She says i scream all of us scream the girls sobbed while the boys just stared at Joy.

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