Zerrie's little Princess.


6. im sorry hon

Perries POV:

My daughter, has been crying since after school and now. Im not sure i could tell her "its ok Perrie! She will understand." Jesy said "yeah totes!" Jade exclaimed "i need a 1 direction girl advice!" I shout and they all pouted.

I entered the key to find Eleanor kissing Louis "hi Eleanor hey Lou!" I shout "uhm hey gurl" el said "well i need your advice.." As i explain her the situation and Lou is a part of 1D so he would know. "Tell her Perrie!" She says "ok"

As i walk to her room knocking the door, the door open "hi sweet pea." I say "what?" She ask "well the little mix and one direction are going to perform their wold wild tour so," i say "for how long?" She ask "10 months." I say "oh ok i could weep here for 10 months then." She says "NO! Sweetie.. You have to go to school tommorow" "so im having this whole place to myself?" She ask and i nod.

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