Zerrie's little Princess.


12. funeral

Ambers POV:

Today is Joys funeral. I cant sleep thinking about her, i brush my teeth then took a shower and comb my hair i decided to use black well no im using Joys favorite color red. As i walk to the building everyone stared at me exept my lil groupies Joys mom and dad finish talking now is my turn i walk up to the podium and started talking " joy wasnt just my best friend forever, she is a sister to me; me her and Pat. Sisters sometimes i thought Joy had a fashion failure, but it turns out she is hiding something inside the failure" i laugh "well, Joy dearest Joy i love you like a sister indeed all the best wishes" i walk out of the podium and saw Joy "is it just me?" I say "NO guys im alive i just lost my breath for a sec or two" Joy says we all hug her "mom dad" she said and kissed them then she kiss Jerome. And then kiss me and pat in the cheek "sisters forever!"

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