Zerrie's little Princess.


13. character personality

Hi guys this is not a chapter! Sorry but 'Zerries little princess' is over... Now this is their looks and personalitys

Amber Millington: straight blonde hair, girlie, fashionista.

Joy Edward Malik: straight hair, brown hair, nice and enthusiastic

Mara jeffrey: curly black hair. Smart and a bf stealer

Patricia williams: straight brown hair a little bit mor lighter then Joy. With pink highlightes. Likes to spill water or liquid at people if she is mad. Tomboy.


Mick jaxon: cheater. Blonde. Sporty

Jerome clark: messy blonde hair, prankster and class clown ecxept for Joy even though she is around he likes to prank other people but if its joy never!

Alfie: FOOD LOVA! Black curly hair

Eddison; called Eddie blonde hair nice trustable

Ship names:

Mick+Mara: Mira

Amber+ Alfie: Amfie


Joy+Jerome: Jeroy

Patricia+Eddie: Peddi




comment who do you ship! And who is your favorite character!

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