Mr. Styles & Mr. Horan

Lily and Maisy are just like any normal teenagers; they go to school, hang out with friends and do what most girls do. but what happens when 2 new young teachers arrive at the school?


8. Trouble

Lily's P.O.V:

Me and Harry had been kissing for a while now even though I should have been revising, but how can you revise when you have some hottie distracting you? Harry had slid his hands up my top slightly so that his hands were sat just under my boobs, which I didn’t mind because I knew he wouldn’t do anything. I was quite happy laying there with Harry until Luke burst through the door “LILY MAI HEMMINGS!” I jumped and pushed Harry off, in a way I wanted to act like Harry started in and I couldn’t get him off, but I couldn’t do that to Harry. “Luke…please don’t be mad…” I said quietly, I thought he was gunna leave it because he turned away but all of a sudden he turned back and in one swift move he had him up against the wall by the throat hitting him.

“LUKE! STOP! Please…you're gonna kill him!” I kept screaming at Luke and tried to pull him off but he pushed me back, so I called the police, an ambulance and Sam. I was still sat in the spot that Luke pushed me into when I saw Mia so I ran out an lifted her just as Sam and the police arrived, Sam had managed to calm Luke down as the police took him and an ambulance took Harry due to him blacking out. “Miss Hemmings, we need to ask you some questions to follow up what your brother has told us, we can do it at the hospital if you would like to see your friend” I nodded quietly.

“What about Mia? Can she come with me?” I asked so quietly I could barely hear myself.

“If you would like her too, if there’s no one else to have her.” I shook my head, it was a lie but I didn’t want Mia to be alone, and if she was with Maisy or Sam's family she would tell them what happened and I couldn’t risk that happening. I packed up some stuff for Mia to keep her occupied at the hospital, and a change of clothes for me and then we left with the policeman to the hospital. Once we had arrived the doctor updated us on Harry saying that he has minor injuries but he is still unconscious, I was relieved that he was ok. The police officer had taken Mia and I into a private room to interview us, I gave Mia my phone and headphones so she could play games and not hear what was being said.

“So Miss Hemmings, your brother has been arrested for attacking Mr. Styles, it will be taken to court and from there it will depend whether Mr. Styles presses charges or not.” I nodded my head to show that I understood what the officer was saying. “However we do have some questions regarding what happened tonight” I slowly nodded again, because I knew that either way Harry was in trouble.

“Your brother has told us that Mr. Styles is in fact your school teacher, is this correct?” I nodded slowly, “he has also told us that when he came home from his girlfriend’s house, he came up to check on you and Mr. Styles was kissing you with his hands slightly up your top, is this correct?” I nodded again. “Now Lily I need you to answer these questions very carefully, these decide upon what happens to Mr. Styles.” My heart stopped and tears started to fill my eyes. “Was Mr. Styles trying to rape you?” I shook my head and squeaked out a ‘no.’ “Could you please tell me the relationship between you and Mr. Styles, and why he was round your house tonight?”

I slowly nodded “um Mr. Styles is my science teacher, and he was asked to come round to help me revise for my final exams. He was a new teacher about a week ago, and we started flirting with each other when no one was around. He's been round my house twice already for revision, and both times we have been kissing. But tonight it just happened that my brother had walked in on us” my voice had started shaking when I started but now I cracked and the tears continued to fall, officer Tomlinson was about to start talking when the nurse we saw earlier came in, “I'm sorry to interrupt officer but Mr. Styles is awake and he's asking for Miss Hemmings” the officer nodded.

“Ok she will be there soon nurse” officer Tomlinson said, the nurse nodded and left the room, “you do realise Harr- I mean Mr. Styles could get in a lot of trouble for this, it is illegal for a student-teacher relationship Miss Hemmings” I nodded, and then I realised that officer Tomlinson was a friend of Harry's, I had heard him speak about him before, “b-but officer…you're one Harry's best friends…and I know you already know about this because Harry told me. Please don’t arrest him officer, he's the only teacher I get along with and without him I can't pass my final exams” I said the tears falling again.

“I'm sorry, as his best friend I will give him the option to either move schools or help you out of school, which means he can't get in trouble for being in a relationship with you. Or he gets arrested.” I nodded looking down “I will need to talk to him and then you will be able to see him a letter will be posted to you about the court date and your brother will be released tomorrow evening” I nodded and thanked officer Tomlinson and shook his hand, when he had left the room I picked a very tired Mia up and our stuff and went into the toilets to change into this;

Once we were both changed I picked Mia up and went back to Harry's room to wait, but officer Tomlinson was already outside. “He can't wait to see you I can tell you that now.” He said with a smile, “thank you” I replied as I walked in.

“Lily!” Harry said as I walked in the room smiling.

“Hey Harry” I replied as I set Mia on the bed, she just curled up into a ball. “Um I really want to know this…are you gunna press charges on Luke?” I asked I asked nervously, he just looked at me “baby I still get to see you, of course not” he said furrowing is eye brows, I smiled a little, “I'm sorry, I just, him and Mia are the only family I have” I said pecking his lips, “I know, and I won't take that away from you, I spoke to the school, I hand in my resignation when I'm out of here, Louis also told them you won't be in tomorrow because of a family incident” I nodded and smiled as Harry put his hand on my cheek. “Hey, I love you ok, if you don’t want to do this you don’t have to” Harry said, ad I knew he meant our relationship, “no! No I want this Harry, more than anything” I mumbled kissing him.


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