Mr. Styles & Mr. Horan

Lily and Maisy are just like any normal teenagers; they go to school, hang out with friends and do what most girls do. but what happens when 2 new young teachers arrive at the school?


5. Mixture of Emotions

Lily’s P.O.V:

Once school had finished I went straight home to sort my revision stuff out for when Harry came round, I sat on the floor looking through all my revision guides and started to cry. I’d like to say I didn’t know why I was crying, but I did. I was jealous of my best friend and rather than talking to her about it, I just said the first thing that was on my mind. I stopped what I was doing for a while and my older brother Luke walked in “hey Lils you ok?” he asked sitting next to me and rubbing my back. I just nodded and wiped my eyes “I’m being stupid…” I sniffled I looked at him and smiled a little “are you going to Sam's?” I asked him quietly, “as always, and Mia's there so I have to pick her up too, why” he said with a light laugh. “Oh um I have a teacher coming over to tutor me for science” I said slightly embarrassed “your failing science Lily?!” he shouted slightly, I nodded and looked down as the door knocked I jumped up and ran to answer it.

I opened it and smiled slightly seeing that it was Harry, he leant down to kiss me but I pulled away, he looked at me shocked and slightly upset until he heard Luke come down the stairs and he smiled and shook his hand. “I’m Luke, Lily's older brother.” He smiled shaking Harry's hand, “I’m Mr. Styles Lily's science teacher, but please call me Harry.” Harry replied with a smile, I had to stop myself smiling because of how formal and posh Harry sounded not just 2 seconds ago.

“Well Lily, I’m off to Sam's, I'll be back usual time” Luke said as he walked out the door, Harry and I both said goodbye and Luke shut the door and locked it before leaving to go to Sam's. Once Harry had heard Luke go, he placed his hand on my lover back and leant down to kiss me lightly, I couldn’t help but smile a little before pulling away watching Harry frown. “Harry you came here to help me with my science remember…” I said looking at him, he just nodded and mumbled something I couldn’t quite here. “So where are we going to revise?” I asked looking back at me, “um well all my books are in my bedroom, but I can run up and get them?” I said.

“Or we can just revise in your room?” Harry suggested as he took his shoes of and placed them next to mine “um yeah I guess” I replied as I started to make my way back up to me room, looking behind to see if Harry was following and sure enough he was. When we got into my room I sat back on the floor to sort my books and Harry sat on my bed “um sorry my rooms such a mess, I uh…was trying to find my science books” I said as I looked up at Harry who was now laid out on my bed “its fine, it’s probably cleaner than mine” he chuckled. “I found them!” I shouted with more excitement than necessary, making Harry jump slightly.

Harry's P.O.V:

I was laid on Lily's bed when she shouted “I found them!” which made me jump just a little, but she giggled, I saw her get up and come over and rather than putting the books on the bed she dumped them on me causing a rather loud groan, she smiled and put the box full of revision stuff back in her wardrobe and sat at her desk as I sat up. “Well come on then what are you waiting for?!” she asked smiling. I groaned and sat up walking over to her desk, I pulled her out of her seat, rude I know, and sat down “Harry what are you-“ she started but I cut her off pulling her down onto my lap wrapping my arm round her waist. “Shhh” I mumbled against her ear “now what do you need help with?” I asked before lightly nibbling her ear.

“H-Harry” she stuttered “st-stop please” I could hear the nervousness in her voice and I quickly stopped “I’m sorry ba- Lily…”I quickly stopped myself from calling her ‘babe’ but I wanted to say it so badly, it was wrong but I really liked Lily, she was just perfect. “Were you just about to call me babe?” Lily snapped me out of my thoughts as she stood up and looked at me, I nodded slightly “yeah sorry…I didn’t mean to, it won’t happen again, none of this will Lily…um, maybe we should leave this tonight and start tomorrow…” I said, but as soon as I did I could see the tears in her eyes and my heart broke.

“Why can't we start tonight Harry?” Lily asked looking down, I saw as a tear from her cheek and I just wrapped my arms around her, “I'm sorry, I just thought maybe because of what just happened you wouldn’t want me here right now” I said rubbing her back. Lily started to properly cry now and I felt so bad. “You may as well go Harry…no one wants to stick around me for long any way” she sniffled, I slowly slid my arm just under her bum and lifted her and as I did so she wrapped her legs firmly round my waist.

I walked backwards and sat on her bed holding her close, “Lily don’t cry please, it’s not that I don’t want to be here and you know that, I just thought you might feel uncomfortable around me after what just happened.”  I mumbled into her neck as I nuzzled my face into it, feeling her do the same to me. “I don’t feel uncomfortable, I just feel as if I'm pushing everyone away or they don’t wanna be near me Harry. My brother and sister are never home, I pushed away my best friend because I told her she was moving too fast in this stupid relationship with Niall, and now I'm pushing you away because I'm scared!” Lily cried more, “What are you scared of Lily? Are you scared of me? Scared of falling in love? Just tell me and I'll try my best to help you as much as I possibly can Lily”

I was still holding her back and nuzzling her neck when she pulled back to look at me, I could see in her eyes how upset she was, and I just felt like I had caused all of this. “I'm not scared of you Harry…well I kinda am cos I've seen you angry…but I'm not scared of you. Yes, I am scared of falling in love, but that’s only because I'm scared of being alone” she sniffled a little more and then looked my straight in the eye and said “I'm falling for you…and it terrifies me that I'm not good enough, that I can't give you the satisfaction you need, that-“ I cut her off by kissing her so passionately just to tell her I'm falling for her too, my hands slowly travelled her bac  until I set them on her shoulder blades and pulled back.

“Lily you are all the satisfaction I need, I'm falling for you too, and yes I'm scared because I know that this can cause so much trouble, but I'm willing to give us a chance if you are” I smiled slightly looking in her eyes as they lit up. “I wanna try Harry” she smiled before kissing me again. I was so happy just sitting there kissing but it wasn’t until I heard the door go and a little voice say her name. Lily quickly jumped off me and picked up the little girl that stood in the doorway. “Hey MiMi (pronounced me me)” Lily cooed as the little girl buried her head smiling “who’s that?” she quietly asked.

“That’s Harry, Mia, he's a friend of mine” Lily said rubbing Mia's back.

“But you were kissing him like Lukey kisses Sam, is that what friends and girlfriends and boyfriends do?” Lily looked at me worriedly but I had no idea what to say.

“No Mia…um Harry is my boyfriend…but you can't tell mummy or Luke…because I can get in a lot of trouble with the police, and so can Harry.” Mia nods showing that she understands, “I want you to pinky promise me that you won't tell anyone MiMi” Lily asked putting her pinky finger out, and Mia linked hers whispering a quiet ‘I promise’, Lily smiled at me and I smiled back as Luke came up the stairs.  

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