Mr. Styles & Mr. Horan

Lily and Maisy are just like any normal teenagers; they go to school, hang out with friends and do what most girls do. but what happens when 2 new young teachers arrive at the school?


10. Home

Luke's P.O.V:

I left the room just as Lily and Niall had come back with some of Harry's clothes, I couldn’t help but notice the big smile on my little sisters face as she came back into the hospital “thank you so much Lukey you’re the best, I'm sorry you got sent to prison for a little while though” she said hugging me.

“Its ok, just explain the situation to me next time please?” I said with a slight chuckle, Lily smiled and pecked my cheek “of course” she smiled and ran into Harry's room with his clothes. A short while later they both came out holding hands and I couldn’t help but smile at how happy Lily was.

When we arrived home Lily and Harry both went up to bed and I called Sam to let her know I was on my way to get Mia, as I left I shouted up to Lily and Harry. “I'm going to get Mia, NO funny business” I called up and saw a laughing Lily appear at the top of the stairs in her pj’s,  “don’t worry Luke, we won't….I’m not ready yet” she said poking her tongue out, I did the same to her before leaving for Sam's.

Once I got to Sam's I knocked on the door and her mum answered, “hi Luke, the girls are up in Sam's room hun” she said smiling.

“Thank you Mrs Davids” I replied smiling before slipping off my shoes and heading up to Sam's room to see all 3 girls asleep on her bed, I smiled and went over to the bed and left a light kiss on the corner of Sam's mouth before picking Mia up and taking her back downstairs. “Thank you Mrs Davids” I whispered peeking in to the living room, she smiled and got up to say goodbye, giving both me and Mia a kiss on the cheek before we left.

I carefully put Mia in her car seat in the back of the car and took a slow drive back home; once we got there I got Mia out of the car and put her in bed before going into my room and settling down for bed myself.

Harry's P.O.V:

When Luke had left to get Mia, Lily and I both went up and settled into bed ourselves, I felt Lily snuggle into me and I rubbed her side and kissed her forehead as she fell asleep. I was so happy Luke accepted the fact that me and Lily loved each other. “Harry?” Lily mumbled.

“Yeah babe?”

“I love you” I couldn’t help but smile and look down at Lily pecking her nose, smiling as it crinkles when she smiles, “I love you too” I replied closing my eyes.


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